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Executive Courses

ESAMI-trapca provides its clients with a number of training programs that seek to meet their short, medium and long-term capacity and training needs of governments and relevant stakeholders in the area of trade as follows:


  • Please note that there are no scholarships for executive or tailored courses.
  • Courses under this category are offered on cost recovery basis, ranging from $1000- $2500,subject to venue and duration.

Executive courses: These courses are made up of pre-selected areas of subject-specific that the centre offers as open programmes. The courses can be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of clients. These courses run for duration of 1 week up to a maximum of 2 weeks. These course zeroes in on subject specific issues. Through these courses, the participants interrogate these issues in detail with a view to fostering a conceptual understanding of their significance and relevance at policy formulation and implementation levels. The course is deeply seated within the African experiences and circumstances at national, regional, continental and global levels.

During the last part of the year 2023, ESAMI-trapca has the following Executive Courses on offer (and these can also be specifically tailored to needs of a client):

How to apply

Prospective participants should apply through the following email address indicating in the email title, the course being applied for.

Tailor made courses: These courses are exclusively offered at the request of a client in any trade or trade related areas as well as the areas highlighted under executive courses. ESAMI-trapca has delivered a number of these courses over the years ranging from trade policy tools for analysis of trade data, trade in services, rule of origin, dispute settlement, trade and climate change, trade and food security and many other topics. The duration of tailor made courses is aligned to the needs of the client.


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    Key Aspects of Trade FinanceEconomic Diplomacy in the Changing Global Economic Relations– Rationalizing African Countries’ Role in and Approach to Economic Diplomacy.Cross-Sectoral Dimensions of the AfCFTA and African Trade Regimes: Negotiations and Implementation Issues.Understanding the Applied Interface of Sectoral International Standards and Trade Facilitation Agreement Measures.Negotiation and Utilization of Trade Defense Instruments in African Regional Economic Integration.Critical Aspects of Trade Policy, Trade Law and Trade Negotiations for Practitioners and Executives.Applied Negotiation Skills – Engaging in Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Trade Negotiations.Understanding Trade in Services Disciples and Domestic Regulations.Tools for Trade Policy Analysis.The role of parliamentarians in trade negotiations, international rule making and implementation of international trade commitments.