Our 2024 Message

Greetings to you all!

ESAMI-trapca continues to strive to enhance the capacity and capabilities of Sub-Saharan African countries to harness the opportunities offered by international trade through developing efficient trade-related strategies. Our commitment to our current and prospective partners, students and clients is that our unique programs will enable beneficiaries to actively and competently participate in trade negotiations, trade facilitation, trade policy and trade law crafting and implementation, as they nurture regional value chains and foster intra-African trade.

With emerging shocks, Sub-Saharan African Countries need recovery and sustainable growth strategies to shore up and grow their economies. Trade has proved a critical part of the solution for economic recovery, poverty reduction and the sustainability conundrum. It is in this regard, that it gives us so much pride to see our ESAMI-trapca alumni at the heart of the national, regional, continental and multilateral trade agenda facilitating countries to harness opportunities from international trade arrangements. Empowered with trade expertise, competence, and determination, our alumni are making trade part of the solution by enhancing regional and continental integration outcomes.

In 2023, ESAMI-trapca will continue to enhance the competence of its students and participants through our Academic courses and Tailor-made/Executive courses. In addition, under trade lab clinics and the WTO chairs program, students’ research skills will be enhanced to enable them to provide strategic interventions for their countries. ESAMI through ESAMI-trapca welcomes you all to make use of and benefit from our various offerings and products as we strengthen the capacity of African institutions to maximize gains for their development from the totality of the complex multilateral, inter-regional and regional trade agreements and negotiations.

I take the opportunity to thank our partners: The Kingdom of SwedenLund University, and all our other development partners that have collaborated with us for their continued support towards addressing the enormous existing and emerging trade-related capacity gaps in sub-Saharan African countries.