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Maximizing Compliance, Performance And Value In Contract/Agreement Administration


The Executive Course on Best Practices in Contract Administration aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to effectively manage contracts throughout their lifecycle. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of contract creation, execution, monitoring, risk management, and termination/renewal processes, enabling them to optimize contract outcomes and minimize potential risks.

Target Audience:

This Executive Course is suitable for professionals involved in trade facilitation, trade related sectors, Contract/Agreement management, procurement, legal departments, project management, vendor management and anyone responsible for overseeing business agreements.

Course Outline:

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  1. Introduction to Contract Administration:
    • Definition and importance of contract management.
    • Understanding different types of contracts and their applications.
    • Key stakeholders and their roles in the contract management process.
  1. Contract Creation and Negotiation:
    • Preparing clear and comprehensive contracts.
    • Essential components of a well-drafted contract.
    • Best practices for contract negotiation and achieving win-win outcomes.
  1. Contract Execution and Performance Monitoring:
    • Implementing contracts effectively.
    • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring progress.
    • Identifying and addressing potential performance issues.
  1. Risk Management in Contracts:
    • Identifying common contractual risks and challenges.
    • Mitigating risks through effective contract language and clauses.
    • Strategies for handling contract disputes and conflicts.
  1. Change Management and Amendments:
    • Understanding the need for contract amendments.
    • Proper documentation and communication during contract changes.
    • Ensuring compliance during contract modifications.
  1. Leveraging Technology for Contract Management:
    • Introduction to contract management software and tools.
    • Integrating technology for streamlined contract administration.
    • Best practices for choosing and implementing contract management solutions.
  1. Contract Renewal and Termination:
    • Evaluating contract performance for renewal decisions.
    • Preparing for contract termination and exit strategies.
    • Renewal negotiation and ensuring a smooth transition.
  1. International Trade Contracts
    • Unique considerations and challenges when dealing with contracts across international borders.
  1. Dispute Resolution:
    • Strategies for resolving contract-related disputes and disagreements.
    • Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration.
  1. Case Studies and Practical Examples:
    • Real-world scenarios and case studies illustrating contract administration challenges and solutions.



Upon completion of the Workshop, participants will have gained the following:

  • A comprehensive understanding of contract management principles and best practices.
  • Practical skills in contract drafting, negotiation, and execution.
  • Proficiency in identifying and mitigating risks associated with contracts.
  • Knowledge of contract management technology and its application.
  • Strategies for effective contract renewal and termination.

Our Methodology:

Our programs are conducted through a mix of interactive workshops, combining instructor-led sessions, group activities, real-life case studies and group discussions. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and challenges, allowing for a practical learning environment.


In determining our fees, attention is paid to the time investment for the bespoke planning, design, development and delivery of  our solutions.

  • Program Duration/Date: The program will span over a period of Five (5) days; beginning on 15th to 19th April 2024
  • Program Location: Nairobi, Kenya. Venue information will be communicated to paid participants.
  • Fees: $2,850


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