Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (TRAPCA)

As a highly specialised trade policy and trade law training institution, trapca aims at being a converging centre where trade personnel from LDCs and low income countries meet and share experiences on how to engage in the context of the multilateral, regional and bilateral trading systems.

Our Glossary

AAC Academic Advisory Council
APC African, Pacific and Caribbean
AWPB Annual Work Plan and Budget Oganisation
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
DANIDA Danish International Development Agency
DFID Department for International Development (UK)
DTIS Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies
EAC The Common Market for East Africa
ECOWAS The Economic Community of West African States
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATT General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GOT Government of Tanzania
GSP General System of Preferences
EPA European Partner Agreement
ESAMI East and South African Management Institute
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
IP Intellectual Property
ICTSD International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
JITAP Joint Integrated Programme to Selected Least Developed Countries and Other African Countries
LDC Least Developed Country
LFA Logical Framework Approach
LU Lund University
MFN Most Favoured Nation
MPTP Masters Programme in Trade Policies
MTR Mid-Term Review
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development
OAU Organisation of African Union
PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
SACU Southern African Customs Union
SADC South African Development Community
SEATINI Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute
SIDA Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
TBT Technical Barriers to Trade
TNA Training Needs Assessment
TRAPCA Trade Policy Training Centre: Africa
TPCB Trade Policy Capacity Building