Intellectual Property Law and Practice in International Trade

Statement of need

Intellectual property law is increasingly complex, putting pressure on practitioners to specialise in narrow fields of the discipline. Intellectual property has assumed a vital role with the rapid pace of technological, scientific and medical innovation that is being witnessed today. Intellectual property has therefore grown into one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing fields of law thereby necessitating the demand for IP professionals well-versed in this area to deal with (IPRs) across national and international borders.

Therefore, this course has been designed to provide the participants with a wide perspective and in-depth knowledge in intellectual property to enable them to get solid grounding in the legislative framework, practice and procedure of the intellectual property protected through patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and geographical indications. The course facilitates an essential interaction of law and practice through the close involvement of the legal profession in the design and teaching of the course.  

Course Objectives

  • Identify and evaluate the justifications for the legal protection of intellectual property.
  • Identify the main intellectual property rights and how the laws that govern such rights fit within the context of your Country’s legal system
  • Evaluate how the law protects ideas through patent law and the breach of confidence action.
  • Make use of copyright law to protect original expression and the appearance of products.
  • Describe and critically evaluate how the law protects distinctive identity through trademark law and other unfair competition laws.
  • Analyse the duties and ethical responsibilities of trademark and patent attorneys.


  • Relevance and Business Impact of Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Main types of Intellectual Property
  • Main types of IP transaction – licensing, assignment, sale of IP products, and IP aspects of corporate transactions
  • Negotiating Payments Terms in Intellectual Property Transaction
  • Intellectual Property Rights in the Cyber World
  • The utilisation of IP by African producers to protect and commercialize their products. 


Officials from Registrars of IP, Trade and Trade Related Ministries, Practitioners, and business captains

2 Week

Venue and Dates

Venue: Harare, Zimbabwe
Date: 7 – 18 October 2024

Course Fees



    Self EmployedEmployedNot Employed

    Puplic/ParastatalPrivateRegional/Civic organisationsAcademic Institution

    Harare, ZimbabweArusha