2009 To 2015 Alumni

Feedback from trapca Alumni


I am currently stationed at the Zambian Permanent Mission in Geneva for the purpose of boosting staff while Zambia coordinates the LDC Group.  I am very glad to report that the trapca MSC contributed greatly towards my selection and thank you for the support and encouragement during my studies” Miyoba Lubemba, Zambia

The course is really beneficial to people especially in Africa and other less developed countries. Am fully utilizing the knowledge gained from the course and am joining a delegation to China in October. The course also made me realize how important international trade is to our economies. Peter Koome, Kenya

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the valuable role you are playing in building capacity in trade issues rewarded me with a successful transfer from the ministry of youth affairs to the Ministry of Commercial and Industrial development.  After the introductory course on Trade and Development, TRAPCA 100, I went home and applied for a transfer from my former ministry to that of commercial and industrial development and it was granted with ease in December 2007, three month after my training in the introductory Course.”  Cliff Ngangjo, Cameroon


“I am pleased to inform you that this year (2013) Lesotho is the coordinator of the Africa Group on WTO issues. This means I will be chairing the WTO experts group during the year 2012/2013. This new task adds to my being the focal point on NAMA for the LDC group, Focal Point on trade and environment under ACP and deputy focal Point on NAMA under the same Africa Group. This has been tremendous achievement for only having been in Geneva for 3 years now. In fact, it also adds to having been coordinator of G 77 and China under UNCTAD in 2011. With this, I cant but always thank trapca for the investment worthwhile. I believe to be a true testimony of the impact of trapca which for one as a non economist or lawyer, I have been able to sail through.” (Tsotetsi Makong, Lesotho)

The skills I gained at trapca will forever be an asset in my career in international trade policy. I am able to understand the various trade jargons and apply the analytical, theoretical and negotiation skills in my day to day work.

 Apart from the skills, I was able to build a great network of trade policy experts and specialists from all over Africa and the world. My classmates and lecturers have from time to time offered valuable advice on various issues.

 When I commenced training at trapca, I was an economist at the Ministry charged with a number of responsibilities such as preparation of various policy briefs for the Minister and Permanent Secretary as well as representing Kenya in negotiations of various elements of the EAC customs union and common market and the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU (EPAs). During and after the training, I got more comfortable with these duties and was allocated more and more responsibilities in these areas. I was the alternate coordinator for the High Level Taskforce on the EAC Common Market negotiations in Kenya, participated in the Special Economic Zones Taskforce and EPAs negotiations and led various other processes of drafting country position papers in the areas of Trade, customs, investments and private sector development. I also coordinated Kenya’s participation (at the technical level), in the 1st EAC COMESA SADC Tripartite summit, 2nd EAC Investment Conference and follow up actions on these. In early 2010, I joined the CIDA regional program at the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi and again, the skills have continued to be quite useful.

Hellen Oriaro, Development Officer, CIDA Regional Program, Canadian High Commision, Nairobi, Kenya, trapca alumni.

On account of having gone through training at trapca, my understanding of trade and policy issues has been enhanced. My contributions in parliamentary debates on trade matters have been focused and informed including EAC issues, on-going COMESA-EAC-SADC tripartite FTA and EAC-EU EPA negotiationsHon. Safina Tsungu, Member of Parliament, EAC

Courses at trapca have honed my analytical skills in terms of organisation, analysis and presentation. Since joining trapca, I have left my position of trade Economist at the EU and joined a more senior position at the World Bank as a country economist. The new work requires more analytical work, a competency I have gained through the trapca MSc course.” Temwa Gondwe, Country Economist, World Bank, Malawi


‘Indeed, I have been engaged in several ways with public officials especially on research reviews, EPA negotiations/preparatory meetings as a committee member and I sit in National Committee on WTO. Such activities have been boosted by the immense knowledge and skills acquired during my trapca sessions and am usually delighted to meet trapca alumni in meetings organized by AU, World Bank, Africa development bank, EU etc representing their governments’.

 “I am glad to inform you that I have been reelected back to EALA for another five year term. One of my strong campaign points was that I am a Trade Policy Expert trained by trapca on a scholarship from SIDA to help the EAC integration process, so the training should not go to waste because I am a human resource specifically developed to further the EAC integration process. Hon. Daniel Kidega, EALA.


“….. I started my new post as Manager- Research with the Trademark East Africa……for sure trapca has changed my life to a great extent. We were 180 people from six countries interviewed for one post, but the trapca knowledge enabled me to penetrate and acquire the job.  Actually when we were at the interview I noted non of my competitor has a TRAPCA knowledge this made me to gain a lot of confidence…” (Elias Baguhme, Tanzania)

 “I will like to personally give trapca “a standing ovation” for my new professional upgrade to the Post of: TRADE POLICY ANALYST (on Probation) DTI – Department Of Trade & Industry AUC – Africa Union Commission Headquarters, Ethiopia, where I now temporarily serve.  I am proud today to consider myself amongst the success stories thanks to trapca‘s usual benevolence and tremendous quality of knowledge inculcated during all my training in Arusha.  Today, I am opportune to find myself at the stage of action under the direct canopy of the Commissioner and Director supervising the continental’s Trade & Industry Agenda 2017.  It is thanks to your tremendous efforts that Young African Professionals like myself in making a positive impact to trade policies issues at bilateral, unilateral and even regional levels.”

(Kenneth Tanyi, Cameroon)


I write to inform you that I assumed the position of Economist with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Harare Office, having worked for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for the past 9 years.  I remain thankful and indebted to the late Prof. Gote Hanson, Prof. Hans Falck and the entire trapca family for the opportunity to study for an Msc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law. I thank you for your patience and determination. Proudly trapca Alumni and forever thankful.  (Petronella A. N. Chishawa, Zimbabwe)

…I just want to thank the entire trapca team and of course Lund University for the tremendous opportunity of studying the MSc as a fully sponsored student and for instilling all the knowledge I have acquired about international trade policy and trade law in me…of course with a specific focus on LDCs….. Not surprisingly, this degree has opened me up to a world of opportunity. Even before I had completed the MSc, I was able to secure a job as Regional Coordinator of the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ReNAPRI) moving from my job as Policy Analyst for Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM), on the basis of graduating in November. ……At the tender age of just 25, I have been able to achieve quite a lot and look forward to contributing substantially to the development of consistent, coherent, regional agricultural policy and applying all that I have learnt from trapca (Chipego Zulu, Zambia).

 I am delighted to inform you that I was offered a position in USAID in a new initiative called Power Africa Trade Africa as their Office Manager. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and the whole TRAPCA team for affording me the opportunity to get the knowledge and training I have with which I now have faith in my capabilities to take up this position. Power Africa Trade Africa has its Trade office in Nairobi and the Power office in Pretoria. I look forward to working in this team and taking the TRAPCA flag high. Once again, I thank you for the opportunity afforded me at TRAPCA (Pamela Cheuka, Zimbabwe).

“….Keeping with the tradition of bringing you to speed with the investments TRAPCA has made in people like myself, it is always a pleasure for me to share latest developments in my career. As you may be aware, last year I was privileged to be appointed the chair the WTO Committee on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS Committee). I was further privileged to draft the African Ministers of Trade Ministerial Declaration on WTO Issues which got to be instrumental in WTO`s MC9 negotiations and outcomes. That said, this year is my last in Geneva following what will add up to 6 years having served in Geneva by February 2015. The good news is that like in 2012, I have yet another privilege of being appointed the coordinator of the African Group for the year 2014/5 at a time when the survival of the multilateral trading system is facing its ultimate test. I must also inform you that at the WTO itself, I will be relinquishing my role as the chair of TRIMS Committee this year and assume chairmanship role of yet another WTO Committee, namely, Committee on Import Licensing. With all these, many have asked as to how can a small delegation such as Lesotho which has only one officer covering the WTO take up such big responsibilities. The answer is simple, I never thought that the many sleepless nights we had in TRAPCA will translate into cultivation of a work ethic that I could not have had, had it not been for the TRAPCA sleepless nights. I can tell you that TRAPCA is the reference point for every little success I have had so far. (Tsotetsi Makong, Lesotho)

 The International Trade Center (ITC), which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, is a joint Agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation. The main goal of the ITC is to support businesses in developing countries to become more competitive in global markets, speeding up economic development and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (more on ITC mainly delivers on its mandate by working with Policy Makers, Trade Support Institutions, and Enterprises.  

 I am working in the Division of Business and Institutional Support (DBIS), in the Trade Support Institutional Strengthening Section (TS) as ” Senior Adviser- Trade Support Services”. My section, TS provides various types of support and services aimed at strengthening Trade Support Institutions. TSIs include Trade Promotion Organisations, Private Sector Business Support Organisations (including Chambers of Commerce and Sector Associations). Key services and support provided by the section includes bench-marking TSIs (see against global good practices and helping these organisations improve the identified areas of weakness.  My work mainly involves the review and development of Trade Support Institutions (TSI) trade support services portfolios, helping these organisations ensure that they provide relevant services that are responsive to the needs of their clients.  knowledge of the Multilateral Trading System (WTO agreements and principles) were part of the desirable knowledge and skills required for this position. Therefore, experience, skills and strong networks gained from my education at trapca have proven invaluable in my new job. Miyoba Lubemba, ITC Geneva.


….having exhibited a lot of educational prowess and technical expertise that cuts across the entire mandate of the Department of Trade, I was appointed Chief Officer for Trade. I highly attribute this to the fact that am an alumni of trapca having undertaken several certificate courses and the MSc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law”. Sheila Mukunya, Kenya

 I’m greatly honoured and appreciative to have pursued the programmes offered by TRAPCA; even before completion of my Msc. International Trade Policy and trade law opportunities opened up and was first offered a position of “Assistant trade Officer” at the UK Trade and Investment at British High Commission in Dar es Salaam in 2012; in a year’s time, I assumed a position of “Representative Officer”; in charge of infrastructure, Environment, Transportation and Construction Systems at Sumitomo Corporation, a Japanese multinational trading company; . There is no doubt these fruits are a result of knowledge and vitality obtained at TRAPCA, I remain thankful to founders of this invented training centre and the entire TRAPCA management, sponsors and partners.  Forever Trapca Alumni. Beatrice Mesuli, Tanzania

‘’ I like to extend thanks and appreciation to the Trapca and Lund University families for the level of support provided me throughout my studies. Today I am reaping the rewards from the knowledge and skills acquired through the scholarship scheme. Currently, the World Customs Organization (WCO) situated in Brussels, Belgium through my administration (Liberia Revenue Authority-Department of Customs) has hired my service to work within the Trade Facilitation Directorate as a Professional Associates representing my country-Liberia. On September 3, 2015, I took up my new assignment and had the opportunity to meet the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO) Mr. Kunio Mikuriya for briefing.

 I give the Almighty God the glory first and secondly the entire administrative and academic staffs of trapca and the Lund families for their endurance and time impacting knowledge and skills in me, that today am ably representing not only my country but the Institution. BRAVO TO THE GREAT TRADE INSTITUTION-TRAPCA/LUND Wounpay P. Doe- Liberia


“I wish to give a little feedback of progress made since undergoing the TRAPCA Training in WTO Law and Dispute Settlement Understanding in 2013 ……I was confirmed in my position as Chief Economist -Domestic Trade and given the responsibility of Chairing the National Working Group that deals with issues of Trade Facilitation such as One Stop Border Post (OSBP) and the Simplified Trade Regime. in this regard the National Working Group which consists of broad stakeholders from the Government and key institutions from the public sector have come up with a roadmap and prioritised 6 Border posts for establishment of OSBPs namely at Kasumbalesa with DRC, Mwami/Mchinji with Malawi, Kazungula with Botswana, Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe, Nakonde with Tanzania and Katima Mulilo with Namibia. The emphasis is to concentrate on a few and ensure that we start with the softer infrastructure and then hard infrastructure. the working group is also looking at other Border Management issue…..The department is also dealing Trade Policy Formulation with emphasis on inclusive Domestic Trade Regulations strengthening in order to ensure the local markets  are working in terms of retail and wholesale trade and also improving the distribution channels and other business linkages for SMEs development and local product development”. Sunday Chikoti, Zambia.

 In 2009, I was part and parcel of a team at Uganda’s National Planning Authority (NPA) that was preparing Uganda’s National Development Plan (NDP). We still had several months, and many more challenges to grapple with, prior to completion of this very important document.

 Then one day at the office I was lazily browsing on the internet when something caught my eye; “Trade Policy Training Center in Africa” (TRAPCA)! I looked closer at the screen while asking myself; “who could these people be”??? I had spent most of my higher education in the USA (BA; and UK (MSc;, and was yearning for a real African educational experience. I browsed deeper and found – i.e., in trapca’s “academic calendar” – that they offered courses which addressed issues surrounding my favorite topic (regional integration), and the next course along those lines was only a few weeks away (i.e., “Preferential Trade Agreements for Development: Issues and Implications”; November 30 to December 4, 2009). There was NO WAY I was going to miss this one so as usual I ambitiously went ahead, carefully filled out the application right there and then – without any second thoughts – and sent it to trapca (with a halo around my head that read “wishful thinking”!).

 Exactly one week later, to my pleasant surprise, I got accepted into the programme, and was even offered funding for (i) travel, (ii) course study, and (iii) accommodation! This was too good to be true!! I already had a masters’ degree by that time so I played along more out of “curiosity” about ‘trapca’ than anything else.

 Upon arrival there, I was totally stunned! I hadn’t expected to see anything elaborately arranged, but the framework and arrangement of EVERYTHING (i.e., accommodation, catering facilities, in-house services, etc) was – to say the least – extremely impressive. It almost felt like being at school in London again! On my first day, I went to sleep that night smiling and thinking to myself; “…this can’t be! I wonder what stunt they’re trying to pull here…”! So I now anxiously awaited commencement of classes to prove if it all tallied with how impressive the first day was.

 If the orientation (the day before) had been stunning; the classes, and Professors who lectured them, were truly world class! I was being lectured by professionals from the World Bank and the WTO!! As they spoke I was all ears, completely fixated, and very active in discussions. Above all else, the small group of students with whom I was taking the course came from a diverse spectrum across the African continent, and for a Pan-Africanist like me; I really felt at home!! The whole experience felt reminiscent of an internship experience I had had at the United Nations in New York (five years earlier). Prior to trapca I thought I was destined to be a ‘Development Economist’, but – to my advantage – my first experience at trapca changed everything.

 Fast-forward ahead – from that very first memorable experience – I have since traveled to Arusha a second time (…fully confident of what to gain there!!), and thus far I have achieved an intermediate Post-Graduate Diploma. Come what may, I am NOT stopping until I have achieved my second masters’ degree at trapca (i.e., MA in International Trade Policy and Law). The foundational basis offered by my first MSc (Development Economics) gives me even more encouragement, because what I am now doing at trapca is zeroing in with specificity, i.e., distinctively towards ‘trade policy’ in general, but concentrating on “regional integration”.

 In addition to the high quality theory, the richly diverse spectrum of students with whom I had long and sometimes heated discussions during courses at trapca has taught me to put into consideration, and clear perspective, different national interests and concerns, i.e., in an effort to work towards mutual goals and objectives that affect the lives of thousands, if not millions, of people. Also, bearing in mind increasingly global trends; I am now able to strategically decipher and come to logically accept LDC interests from a very cohesive standpoint. At the moment, for example, I am very much involved in National Monitoring Committee (NMC) meetings and negotiations that specifically address issues that are of great concern to landlocked countries within the EAC. I am also actively involved in trade dialogues that address concerns of all EAC member states in general in light of the current EPAs. I have also been invited, several times, to be part of a research-oriented “think-tanks” that meets regularly to brainstorm about regional integration. ALL THANKS TO trapca!!

 My experience at trapca has influenced my career very positively. I highly appreciate the fact that I can easily evolve my perspective(s) from biased nation-specific trade interests by fairly putting into consideration other nation’s concerns. It is, indeed, gratifying to find myself involved in negotiations that are working towards cohesively merging with several nation-states to craft out similar standpoints – as and when necessary – on issues that are of mutual interest and concern.

 Two years ago (now seven) I traveled to trapca simply out of curiousity. Now, however, my ambition to continue at trapca arises more out of a “sacred mission” and what I have personally dubbed a “personal responsibility” not only to my country, but also to the East African region and the African continent as a whole. Bearing in mind what I have gained from trapca; I can confidently and rightfully attest to the fact that what trapca has to offer is truly a blessing to African professionals…; a blessing which, I think, should be practically emulated across Africa, and given much more vocal recognition and financial support than it currently receives.

Andrew Otieno, Uganda


This is a note of thanks and commendation to the Trapca Alumni for their earnest and successful efforts toward bringing to reality that long-cherished dream of making the institute, a center of excellence in Trade policy capacity building for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and other Low Income Countries (LICs).

 You may wish to recall as far back as September 2014, when I took upon conviction to dare into the wilderness of thought-provoking African think-tanks with my MSc thesis on “the facts and fallacies of establishing a Continental Free Trade Area” (September 2014);

 Today I count myself privileged amongst the many African young scholars and policy experts that believed in this dream of establishing an African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and assisted in person with the African Union Commission (AUC), to bring this into reality with the signature of 44 African AU Member States who unanimously agreed upon the need to foster trade liberalization and gradually dismantle tariff barriers and NTBs in Africa. History was made this year in Kigali, Rwanda where the AfCFTA was officially launched in March 2018.

 On this note, I would wish to thank the Trapca Family, without forgetting my thesis supervisor Prof. Dickson Yeboah of the WTO Trade Negotiation Skills Unit, for haven given us the knowledge and tools to access untapped resources in the fields of international trade policy and trade law.

 Today that same MSc thesis (written some 4 years and some change.. ago!) is being studied and quoted in many international research journals, universities e-libraries, scholars and international organizations including the WTO and UNCTAD, as can be seen below

 I am a proud son of Mother Trapca, and I believe as an Alumni, it’s time for us to recognize Trapca’s achievements and give back to our mother institute, as much as what she naturally and unreservedly gave us in our respective professional careers.

To encourage young African scholars and future Trapca Trade Policy Experts, to stand for what they believe in; I would like to end this note of appreciation with a wise saying of an American born scientist and inventor of the motion picture camera and electric light bulb, Thomas A. Edison, and I quote “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t”.

 Thank You TRAPCA for molding us.

Long live Africa, Long live the CFTA, long live TRAPCA. Kenneth Tanyi


Dear Trapca Management. First allow me send my sincere appreciation for the world class knowledge and skills you have imparted in us under the trapca programmes. Am glad to share with you part of the achievement in the recently concluded World Customs Research conference in Nairobi Kenya that took place between 23rd-24th November 2017. Out of all the submissions, the top three Research papers were presented by TRAPCA students. My paper which was examining trade effects of Authorised Economic Operator firms, on clearance time (as a measure of trade facilitation), trade volume and taxes paid emerged to be the best, followed by that of Frank Kalizinje of Malawi Revenue Authority and then that of Sendra Chihaka of Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. I felt this information is valuable in sharing the success stories realized from the specialized training you offer and can be an encouragement to other participants. I want to convey my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards the entire trapca management for building a pool of professional specialists to influence the world. Michael Kyanzi, Uganda Revenue Authority.

I have been appointed Deputy Manager in charge of RULES OF Origin and Trade Facilitation after going through a rigorous interview. My Trapca credentials helped a lot. I am grateful to trapca. Tendai Mpando, Malawi Revenue Authority.


A ship at harbor is safe but that’s not what ships are meant for. Equally so, acquiring a qualification is good but not enough – it has to be put to use. I count myself privileged to have acquired an MSc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law from TRAPCA and Lund University in 2018.

 Given my Government’s current pursuit of economic diplomacy (which is anchored on Investment, Trade, Tourism and Diaspora Contribution) the qualification has proved to be a necessity and relevant.

 My Principals presented me with a lifetime opportunity to join a team of expert trade negotiators to the deepening of the ESA-EU iEPA meetings which were held in Brussels from 22 to 24 January 2019.

 It was amazing to experience the practical side of the moot negotiations we used to undertake at TRAPCA. The need to match trade concepts, theories, principles of trade and the realities became so apparent. Of course, each party had its offensive and defensive interests to guard and indeed the underlying principle is always that negotiations are about give and take for mutual benefit.

 I am highly indebted to all TRAPCA staff, management, facilitators and my supervisor for depositing such information in me/us and to my Principals at work for providing the platform and having faith in me. To SIDA I will forever be grateful for the financial support without which this qualification will not have been realised. And to my family and friends for you are much appreciated.

Tapiwa Mucheri

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Republic Of Zimbabwe

Masters in International Trade Policy and Law

  1. Nesredin Rube Abdule
  2. Yalew Teshome Demissie
  3. OkadoMartha Getachew
  4. Pacome N’Dassey Acomy
  5. Mponda-Banda Victor
  6. Kabanda Damascent
  7. Asseri Ahimidiwe Justo
  8. Mihigo Monica Bonabana
  9. Rutaihwa Johansein
  10. Wagala Staicy Doreen
  11. Daniel Fred Kidega
  12. Lubemba Miyoba
  13. Prudence T. Kaaya
  14. Mundembe Norma
  15. Mushawati Steven

Post Graduate Diploma, Intermediate Level

  1. Gervase Buluma Akhaabi
  2. Jane Akello
  3. Fetete Blessings
  4. Penias Chabwela
  5. Agnes Chaonwa
  6. Ezron Rodwell Mwanjakwa Chirambo
  7. Xadreque Horácio Fernando
  8. Joseph Kakonge
  9. Kelvin Kamayoyo
  10. Martin Chela Kapapi
  11. Gabriel Mthokozisi S. Masuku
  12. Moses Lameck Mfune
  13. Christopher Mwape Mulenga
  14. Salome Magesa
  15. Sospeter Ochieng Ngoya
  16. Rachael Nsubuga
  17. Ngangjo Cliff Ntutieh
  18. Matilda Sibweza
  19. Thabo Qhesi
  20. Godfrey Walakira
  21. Filimona Wambulwa
  22. Adwell Holance Raphael Zembele

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Masters in International Trade Policy and Law

  1. Samson OdhiamboAwino
  2. Florence Daltiso Banda
  3. Temwa Roosevelt Gondwe
  4. Emson F. Chiwenga
  5. Hellen Oriaro
  6. Patrick H.V. Liphava
  7. Othieno Lawrence
  8. ScoviaBasaliza-Mutabingwa
  9. Margaret Mukhaye
  10. Charles Omusana
  11. Alice Kantarama
  12. Roseta Mwape
  13. Sanjay Matadeen
  14. Suzana Tangu Mjuweni

PGD, Advanced

  1. MulimaNyambe
  2. Henry Njowoka
  3. EnockMusiime
  4. AugustinoMbulumi
  5. Savior Mwambwa
  6. KekeletsoTsumane
  7. BeavenMatenguWalubita
  8. Petronella Chishawa
  9. Francis Ejones
  10. FikirteFenta
  11. Christine Akuzwe
  12. TsotetsiMakong
  13. WilbroadNdunguru
  14. GamuchiraiMusamadya
  15. Relebohile Rosemary Sehapi
  16. Mpho Tlhabeli
  17. Better Sibanda
  18. Rachael Nsubuga
  19. Godfrey Walakira
  20. Safina Kwekwe Tsungu
  21. Justina Nasini
  22. AdwellZembele
  23. Junior Mbaimbai
  24. AngeAllagoumaMurekatete
  25. Fernando Xadreque
  26. EzronChirambo
  27. Annastacia W Kiio

PGD, Intermediate

  1. Benson Godfrey
  2. Grace Diana Kaore
  3. Edward Kitonsa
  4. Musanga Etimba
  5. Eugene Jernigan
  6. Eunice Tita
  7. Paulo KitanduUgula
  8. Andrew Othieno
  9. Elizabeth Makoko
  10. AffuembeyEnowAffuembey
  11. Beatrice Mesuli
  12. Tandiwe Homela
  13. Rongai Machinga
  14. Fredrick Njehu

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Master of Science in International Trade Policy and Law

  1. Amanda Busa-Osowo Bisong
  2. Annastacia W. Kiio Kivuva
  3. Better Sibanda
  4. Ehidiamhen Paul Omoyokan
  5. Gilbert Geoffrey Kachamba
  6. Henry Njowoka
  7. Khaseke Makadia Georgiadis
  8. Matimba Linda Hasalama
  9. Milcah Kawira Kithinji
  10. Mpho Tlhabeli
  11. Petronella Angeline Nyaradzo Chishawa
  12. Sewareg Adamu Demelash
  13. Sifikile Moyo
  14. Tsotetsi Makong
  15. Xadreque Horácio Fernando
  16. Yasmin Wohabrebbi Saeed

Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Level, Anglophone

  1. Agnes Praise Mugova
  2. Arnold H. Temba
  3. Beatrice Mesuli
  4. Deogratius Kapinga
  5. Diana Solomon
  6. Eden Fenta Gezu
  7. Grace Limunga Sama
  8. James Kissa
  9. Osborn Paissi Mulamuzi
  10. Patricia Sento Kamara
  11. Petronella Mwewa Nachela
  12. Sheila Mueni Mukunya
  13. Timothy Bryan Masiko
  14. Tsige Tadesse Nega
  15. Yemisrach Tassew Bekele

Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Level, Francophone

  1. ABIYAH Laura Aka
  2. ASSAH KUETE Simone Nadège
  3. DJEMMO FOTSO Arnaud
  4. DRABO François
  5. EHODE ELAH Raoul
  6. ELOMO NKODO Fernande
  7. FOUPI DJIOGAP Constant
  8. GOLO Yao Nukunu
  9. GUEYE Mouhammad Al Amine
  10. GUIDIME Detondji Camille
  11. HOUNGNIBO Sahi Justin
  13. KOUASSI Dedje Sylevestre Eric
  14. KOUTY Manfred
  15. LEUDJOU NJITEU Rostant Roland
  16. N’DA Koffi Christian
  17. NABI Rakiata
  18. NGO NGUEDA Romaine Doline
  19. NGOMSI Augustin
  20. SODRE Soulemane
  21. ZOUNGRANA Célestin
  22. ZOUNGRANA Tibi Didier

Post Graduate Diploma, Intermediate Level

  1. Agnes Praise Mugova
  2. Alphonso Jeromas Saiewane
  3. Birhan Eshetu Kebede
  4. Chiedza Huni
  5. Edmund Eric Mataka
  6. Jared Odhiambo Odongo
  7. Jeff Mathew Muthengi
  8. Lovewell Chirawu
  9. Lynnox Nandu Mwiya
  10. Norah Omek D.J. Kwagga
  11. Pontino Tembo
  12. Simba Mupodyi
  13. Zelalem Yohannes Basana

Master of Science in International Trade Policy and Law

  1. Amanda Busa-Osowo Bisong
  2. Annastacia W. Kiio Kivuva
  3. Better Sibanda
  4. Ehidiamhen Paul Omoyokan
  5. Gilbert Geoffrey Kachamba
  6. Henry Njowoka
  7. Khaseke Makadia Georgiadis
  8. Matimba Linda Hasalama
  9. Milcah Kawira Kithinji
  10. Mpho Tlhabeli
  11. Petronella Angeline Nyaradzo Chishawa
  12. Sewareg Adamu Demelash
  13. Sifikile Moyo
  14. Tsotetsi Makong
  15. Xadreque Horácio Fernando
  16. Yasmin Wohabrebbi Saeed

Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Level, Anglophone

  1. Agnes Praise Mugova
  2. Arnold H. Temba
  3. Beatrice Mesuli
  4. Deogratius Kapinga
  5. Diana Solomon
  6. Eden Fenta Gezu
  7. Grace Limunga Sama
  8. James Kissa
  9. Osborn Paissi Mulamuzi
  10. Patricia Sento Kamara
  11. Petronella Mwewa Nachela
  12. Sheila Mueni Mukunya
  13. Timothy Bryan Masiko
  14. Tsige Tadesse Nega
  15. Yemisrach Tassew Bekele

Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Level, Francophone

  1. ABIYAH Laura Aka
  2. ASSAH KUETE Simone Nadège
  3. DJEMMO FOTSO Arnaud
  4. DRABO François
  5. EHODE ELAH Raoul
  6. ELOMO NKODO Fernande
  7. FOUPI DJIOGAP Constant
  8. GOLO Yao Nukunu
  9. GUEYE Mouhammad Al Amine
  10. GUIDIME Detondji Camille
  11. HOUNGNIBO Sahi Justin
  13. KOUASSI Dedje Sylevestre Eric
  14. KOUTY Manfred
  15. LEUDJOU NJITEU Rostant Roland
  16. N’DA Koffi Christian
  17. NABI Rakiata
  18. NGO NGUEDA Romaine Doline
  19. NGOMSI Augustin
  20. SODRE Soulemane
  21. ZOUNGRANA Célestin
  22. ZOUNGRANA Tibi Didier

Post Graduate Diploma, Intermediate Level

  1. Agnes Praise Mugova
  2. Alphonso Jeromas Saiewane
  3. Birhan Eshetu Kebede
  4. Chiedza Huni
  5. Edmund Eric Mataka
  6. Jared Odhiambo Odongo
  7. Jeff Mathew Muthengi
  8. Lovewell Chirawu
  9. Lynnox Nandu Mwiya
  10. Norah Omek D.J. Kwagga
  11. Pontino Tembo
  12. Simba Mupodyi
  13. Zelalem Yohannes Basana

Post Graduate Certificate, Foundational Level, Anglophone

February 2012

Name Nationality
1 Deogratius Kilasara Tanzania
2 Amara Grace Okenwa Nigeria
3 Edson Chagwedera Zimbabwe
4 Moses Nadiope Uganda
5 Chipego Zulu Zambia
6 Edmund Mutaka Uganda
7 Jared Odongo Kenya
8 Heri Ayubu Tanzania
9 Tadala Muhara Malawi
10 Elizabeth. O Enebeli Nigeria
11 Jeff Methew Muthengi Kenya
12 Mengistu Yichale Ethiopia
13 Prosper Valentine Leiya Tanzania
14 Hanna Gebrekristos Ethiopia
15 Josephat J. Kesagero Tanzania
16 Alphonso Jeromas Saiewane Liberia
17 Elias Peter Bagumhe Tanzania
Name Nationality

May 2012

1 Beakal Yeshanew Ethiopia
2 Frank Edwin Tanzania
3 Frank Sina Tanzania
4 Gallina Tembo Zambia
5 Gilliard Masseri Tanzania
6 Joseph Nicas Lukoa Tanzania
7 Kefelegn Aragie Ethiopia
8 Kenneth T. Tanyi Cameroon
9 Lidya John Moshi Tanzania
10 Mulky Okash Nilson Republic of Congo
11 Nyachia Robert Warucha Tanzania
12 Olusegun Olutayo Nigeria
13 Omorejie Ndudi Nigeria
14 Ruth Kihiu Kenya
15 Soulpeace Thomas Tanzania
16 Tigist Getu Mihiret Ethiopia
17 Zinet Kemal Ethiopia
Name Nationality

August 2012, Group I

1 Sonia Achenif Tafere Ethiopia
2 Cornelius Mazide Dlamini Swaziland
3 Sydney Chibbabbuka Zambia
4 Gerald Nsomba Malawi
5 Marion Atukunda Uganda
6 Mohamed H. Bility Liberia
7 Nkeonyeasua T. Emeifeogwu Nigeria
8 Ebukhaile Akhigbe Nigeria
9 Ousman Jeng Gambia
10 Jackson Gabriel Kessy Tanzania
11 Rutendo Murambiwa Zimbabwe
12 Lilian Tita Mbongeh Cameroon
13 Tsedey A, Tedla Ethiopia
14 Daniel Ngunjiri Kanake Kenya
15 Tendai Mpando Malawi
16 Lupyana T. Mwakatobe Tanzania
17 Nkareng Letsie Lesotho
18 Festus Tangeni Kandenge Namibia
19 Getrude Njokwe Zimbabwe
Name Nationality

August 2012, Group II

1 Andrew Martin Niwagaba Uganda
2 Efe W. Omuemu Nigeria
3 Nondo M. Chilonga Zambia
4 Emilia P. Nhorido Zimbabwe
5 Alphonce Dotto Massaga Tanzania
6 Clara G. Roezer Tanzania
7 Tom K. Agalomba Kenya
8 Mihertu Belayneh Mekonnen Ethiopia
9 Clayton H. Vhumbunu Zimbabwe
10 Cephas Makunike Zimbabwe
11 Lusekelo Chaula Tanzania
12 Kennedy Nyambati Kenya
13 Bayou Mekonnen Ethiopia
14 Bih Marlyse Ndoh Cameroon
15 Oumer Nuru Desta Ethiopia
16 Bezawi Abebe Ethiopia
17 Kakra Obika Nigeria
18 Pardon Njerere Zimbabwe
19 Goodluck Naiman Mchome Tanzania
20 Mofo Tside Arnaud Romavic Cameroon

Master of Science in International Trade Policy and Law- Anglophone

1 Grace Nicholas
2 Namukolo Liywali
3 Agnes Praise Mugova
4 Amani Lyewe
5 Brenda Nyambura
6 Eden Fenta
7 Eyong Joe Assoua
8 Grace Sama
9 Petronella Nachela
10 Sheila Mbole Mukunya
11 Ange Allagouma Murekatete
12 Yemisrach Tassew
13 Osborn Paissi
14 Augustino Mbulumi
15 Timothy B. Masiko

Master of Science – Francophone

  1. N’DA Koffi Christian
  2. NGOMSI Augustin
  3. HOUNGNIBO Justin Sahi
  4. GUIDIME Camille
  5. EHODE Elah Raoul
  6. GOLO Yao Nukunu
  7. ZOUNGRANA Célestin
  8. RAKIATA Nabi
  9. DRABO François
  10. DJEMMO FOTSO Arnaud
  11. KOUASSI Dedje Sylvestre Eric
  12. KOUTY Manfred
  13. KOTCHO Jacob

Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Level

  1. Simon Banda (Absent)
  2. Bongani B. Dlamini (Absent)
  3. Davis Francis
  4. Jacob Kotcho
  5. Tadala Muhara
  6. Edmund Mutaka (Absent)
  7. Moses Nadiope (Absent)
  8. Olusegun Olutayo (Absent)
  9. Kenneth T. Tanyi (Absent)
  10. Pontino Tembo (Absent)

Post Graduate Certificate, Foundational Level (Absent)

1 Abdillahi Nedif Muse
2 Agano John Ng’asi
3 Banda Aaron
4 Barnabas Mathewos
5 Bernard Jennifer
6 Chawarika James
7 Chinedu Ifeoma
8 Ejigu Mihiret Haileeyesus
9 Ewelukwa Adaobi Uche
10 Gemandze R. Yvonne
11 Girma Micheal
12 Katto Garasiano
13 Kayumbo Alban Frederick
14 Kimath Shangwe
15 Luwedde Justine
16 Maungu Lynda
17 Mergia Bayissa
18 Mucunguzi Kenneth
19 Muntu M. Almeida
20 Mwisijo William
21 Nakyambadde Dorothy
22 Emmanuel Okello
23 Patrick Malogoi
24 Juma Ahmed Ali
25 Obadiah Kung’u Mungai
26 Pamela Kiconco
27 Rimvimbo Sandauke
28 Peter Bintu
29 Mike Chimombe
30 Tigest Tewabe
31 Hiram Kisano
32 Jamila Abtwalib
33 Lomthunzi Mbewe
34 Mulugeta Shiferaw
35 Tesfaye Meskerem
36 Tigist Wodajo
37 Beatrice George
38 Martha Nanyange
39 Perpetual Iweriebor


1. Aaron Banda
2. Elizabeth Ebeneza Saul
3. Maggie Banda Kaunda
4. Mbongeh Lilian Tita
5. Michael Akampa
6. Michael Girma Tegegne
7. Ruth Kihiu
8. Solomon Teshome Belayneh
9. Tigest Tewabe Aklilu


1. Nkareng A. Letsie
2. Vicky Chemutai
3. Simba Mupodyi
4. Birhan Kebede
5. Emmanuel Okello
6. Lynda Maungu
7. Meskerem B.Tesfaye
8. Yohane Nyanja
9. Marion Atukunda
10. M. Almeida Muntu
11. Tigist Assefa Wodajo
12. Alex Ndibwami
13. Ewelukwa A. Uche
14. Joyce Marangu
15. Yvonne R. Gemandze
16. Kenneth Ndulute
17. Tendai Mpando
18. Eric Nabwana
19. Davison Kambaila
20. Elizabeth Makoko
21. Clara Roezer Roezer
22. Kefelegn Aragies
23. Baraka Damas Marandu
24. Tigist Mihiret
25. Jotae Hailemariame
26. Stembile J. Chakunda


1. Simone Nadège ASSAH KUETE
2. Al Amine Mouhammad GUEYE
4. Soulemane SODRE
5. Laura ABIYA


1. Chipego Zulu
2. Pontino Tembo
3. Moses Nadiope
4. Zelalem Basana
5. Kenneth T. Tanyi
6. Patricia Kafoe
7. Deogratius  Kapinga
8. Arnold Temba
9. Pamelah Cheuka
10. Davis Francis
11. Diana Solomon
12. Wounpay Doe
13. Wubshet Bekele
14. Tsige Tadesse


1. Willie Adam
2. George Adewale
3. Gerald Afadani
4. Brian Ahimbisibwe
5. Nji Wilfred Apara
6. Roland F. Asingwe
7. Hilda Karegi Asirigwa
8. Farayi M. Banda
9. Abebaw Mekonnen Belay
10. Chifundo Biliwita
11. Reginald Chaoneka
12. Tapiwa Cheuka
13. Sendra Chihaka
14. George Chirambo
15. Gerald Chizinga
16. Justina Chivanga
17. Olivier Dimala
18. George Dinda
19. Queeneth Odichi Ekeocha
20. Eret Josephine Eno
21. Fritz Ngeka Etoke
22. Temwani Fatch
23. Margaret Wanjiku Gachemi
24. Anne Nyaguthi Gathondu
25. Thato Lyllian Hashatsi
26. Michael Jerry
27. Opiyo Samson Kajura
28. Joseph Kapeku
29. Norman Khyota
30. Hilda Kimbi
31. Willy Kirui
32. Aloysious Kittengo
33. Emmanuel Kisamo
34. Daniel Kwagbenu
35. Lefoka Tsehla Letlotlo
36. Happy Lifweba
37. Winner Lukumay
38. Rashid Omary Maalim
39. George Sam Manyara
40. Emmanuel Alenga Mathew
41. Martha Beatus Massawe
42. Simon John Maundu
43. Balness Ngina Mdezo
44. Sangwani Mkandawire
45. Symon Mkandawire
46. Rose Msuya
47. Femshang Charles Muanze
48. Beatrice N. Mugova
49. Samalie Mukyala
50. Alex Muozamiri
51. Nixon Murithi
52. Chris Muteti
53. Reginah P. Mutomba
54. Fanuel Muzavazi
55. Ally Omary Mwege
56. Patience M. Nakambale
57. Connie Namutebi
58. Dennis Ndhlazi
59. Eyob Nigussie
60. Gloria Beneth Ntaherezp
61. Adellah Nyello
62. Peter Pamphil
63. Agness Phiri
64. Lioba Ramadhan
65. Lilian Sabeta
66. Ruvimbo Sandauke
67. Mathew Sangu
68. Stanford Shauri
69. Castro Shirima
70. Goodhope Shombe
71. Arthur Sichivula
72. Memory Sikamikami
73. Ramadhan Sizya
74. Amon Soko
75. Loveson Zeleza
76. Micheal Wairoma
77. Mahlet Woldesenbet


1. Medhin Balaker Abera
2. Lesfran S. W. Agbahoungba
3. Nazir Bandali Batchu
4. Desalegn M Beke
5. Hilda Boniphace
6. Omodii Alex G. Duku
7. Birhane Girmai Gebru
8. Mantegbosh Gerbreegziabher
9. Abderahman Hassane
10. Winnie Ikwabe
11. Batte Issa
12. Maimuna Jaiteh
13. Daniel Gak Jurkuch
14. Janeth B. Kafuko
15. Regina Kajara
16. Wisdom C. Kaleng’a
17. Phoebe Luyiga
18. Deng Obed Madol
19. Daniel Mafuzha
20. Daudi Wilson Massawe
21. Penina Mbaraga
22. Ernest Mkuyamba
23. Yvonne N. Motsi
24. Charity Mulongwe
25. Patricia Mwethya Mutiso
26. Priscilla Mwalusaka
27. Chiluba Mwape
28. Tapiwa Mucheri
29. Lusajo Mwasaga Nelson
30. Ngida Simon P. Ngisaboro
31. Okeny Richard Ocit
32. Okuni Paul Omeson
33. Monze Phillip
34. Kebede Lidetu Sahi
35. Mecha Samboko
36. Allan Shija
37. Lubang Stanley
38. Tata Andrew A. Takwa
39. Electha Bih Tawah
40. Franklin Forzo Titang
41. Fredrick Victory


1. Willie Adam
2. Nji Wilfred Apara
3. Farayi Banda
4. Bridget Chiinze
5. Justina Chivanga
6. Queeneth Odichi Ekeocha
7. Temwani Fatch
8. Peace Perepetwa Hadoto
9. Juma Kazebwa Kisongo
10. Balness Ngina Mdezo
11. Sangwani Mkandawire
12. Femshang Charles Muanze
13. Fletcher Taonga Nyirenda
14. Arthur Sichivula
15. Amon Soko


1. James Chawarika
2. Akhigbe Ebukhaile
3. Teshome Gebre Haile
4. Marienne Makoudem Tene
5. Stein Masunda
6. Mokalake Moengwe
7. Abdillahi Muse
8. Jean Claude Ntibaneneje
9. Zama Amanda Ntuli
10. Lucy Machel Ondiek
11. Diane Umtoni


1. Jacques Felix Djebou
2. Oumar Djibrila
3. Francoise Okah Efogo
4. Christian Kabore
5. Mahamady Koussoube
6. Pierre Nduwimana
7. Issoufou Njifen
8. Anatole Abraham Tapsoba
9. Kwami Ossadzifo Wonyra
10. Bernard Honore Youfegnuy
11. Bather Rodger Zedo


1. Bezawit Abebe
2. Edward Abili
3. Merkineh Yigezu Barata
4. Penias Chabwera
5. David Chigunde
6. Jembo Phillip Chilonga
7. Oumer Nuru Desta
8. Tandiwe Homela
9. Grace Diana Kaore
10. Ruth Nyakinyi Kihiu
11. Justine Luwedde
12. Salome Magesa
13. Annet Mbabazi
14. Lomthunzi Mbewe
15. Geofrey Onesmo Metili
16. Thabang Mokatse
17. Albert Mutanga
18. Jeff Mathew Muthengi
19. Martha Nayangwe Muzeya
20. Nicholas. Y Nachawe
21. Esther Nali
22. Abunaw Anatole Ngwaime
23. Gerald Nsomba
24. Caroline Achieng Odour
25. Elizabeth Ebeneza Saul
26. Gallina Tembo
27. Mbongeh Lilian Tita
28. Evelyn Umudi
29. Daniel Nderi Waari


1. Marion Atukunda
2. Jill Juma
3. Birhan Kebede
4. Nkareng. A Letsie
5. Joyce Marangu
6. Lynda Maungu
7. Tendai Mpando
8. Tadala Muhara
9. Almeida. M Muntu
10. Simba Mupodyi
11. Eric Nabwana
12. Emmanuel Okello
13. Meskerem. B Tesfaye


1. Rostant Roland Leudjou

2016 to 2017 Alumni

MSc In International Trade Policy and Law

  1. Bezawit Abebe
  2. Penias Chabwera
  3. Vicky Chemutai
  4. Adhan Hassan Haji
  5. Grace Kaore
  6. Ruth Kihiu
  7. Elizabeth Makoko
  8. Annet Mbabazi
  9. Lomthunzi Mbewe
  10. Beatrice Mesuli
  11. Edmund Mutaka
  12. Albert Mutanga
  13. Nicholas Nachawe
  14. Esther Nali
  15. Abunaw Ngwaime
  16. Yohane Nyanja
  17. Olusegun Olutayo
  18. Evelyn Umudi
  19. Daniel Waari

PGD, Advanced

  1. Lesfran Agbahoungba
  2. Elias Peter Bagumhe
  3. Aaron Banda
  4. James Chawarika
  5. Maimuna Jaiteh
  6. Daniel Jurkuch
  7. Timothy Kalembo
  8. Hiram Kissamo
  9. Batte Issa
  10. Stein Masunda
  11. Sangwani Mkandawire
  12. Patricia Mutiso
  13. Jasmine Mziray
  14. Dorothy Nakyambadde*
  15. John Agano Ngasi
  16. Jean Claude Ntibaneneje
  17. Charity Nzuve
  18. Jared Odongo
  19. Alphonso Saiewane

PGD, Intermediate- Trade Policy and Trade Law

  1. Ssebude Baker*
  2. Daud Cassim
  3. Fredrick Kalinga
  4. Winstone Lungu
  5. Edwin Makuya
  6. Peter Mbaku
  7. Yvonne Motsi
  8. Edrine Mutebi
  9. Mecha Samboko
  10. Paul Ukuni

PGD, Intermediate- Trade Facilitation

  1. Gerald Afadani
  2. Mirriam Banda
  3. Tapiwa Cheuka
  4. Sendrah Chihaka*
  5. Gerald Chizinga
  6. Frank Dafa
  7. Moses Kanyesigye
  8. Tebello Mahase
  9. Andrew Mughogho
  10. Memory Sikamikami

PG Certificate in Trade Facilitation

1.    Miriam Banda

2.    John Chiinza

3.    Abenet Haile

4.    Moses Kanyesigye

5.    Japhet Kapinga

6.    Brian Kato

7.    Peterson Kiguli

8.    Lisa Lenia

9.    Regina Mabwe*

10. Tebello H. Mahase

11. Julysiza Mengiseni

12. Elina Nawingwa

13. Queen Mary Nkhata

14. Onesime Niyukuri

15. Allan Ivan Ojakol

16. Robert Ssuuna

PGD-A in Trade Policy and Trade Law Class- Arusha

  1. Anike Akpaki
  2. Eyerusalem Ayalew
  3. Nazir Batchu
  4. Bendert Bokia
  5. Daud Cassim
  6. Nelson Charumbira
  7. Sendra Chihaka
  8. Everjoice Chinoda
  9. Jacques Djebou
  10. Sophia Ebby
  11. Clarence Popoh Freeman
  12. Teshome Haile
  13. Christian Kabore
  14. Opiyo Kajura
  15. Fredrick Kalinga
  16. Moses Kanyesigye
  17. Douglas Mishack Katchomoza
  18. Youssouf Konate
  19. John Ajuong Mach Kuol
  20. Sinnah Lakoh
  21. Chisenga Lufungulo
  22. Tebello Mahase
  23. Munyaradzi Mhanda
  24. Tapiwa Mucheri
  25. Andrew Mughogho
  26. Chimwemwe Mwage
  27. Pierre Nduwimana
  28. Mariam Ouedraogo
  29. Rihanata Ouedraogo
  30. Francios Okha
  31. Mecha Samboko
  32. Baker Ssebudde
  33. Memory Sikamikami
  34. Amon Soko
  35. Tiertou Edwige Some
  36. Robert Ssuuna
  37. Anatole Tapsoba
  38. Paul Ukuni
  39. Vongai Ethel Dzingai
  40. Nasteho Awaleh
  41. Gilbert Kongolo
  42. Jean Claude Nduwayo
  43. Onesime Niyukuri
  44. Thomas Mahunda
  45. Johnnie Fallah
  46. Ramadhan Sizya
  47. Daniel Achach

Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade Policy and Trade Law- Advanced Level: Kigali Class

  1. Asiimwe Susan
  2. Kagwera Edith
  3. Munyangabe Pascal
  4. Songa Gashabizi Alain
  5. Rwakiseta Herbert
  6. Rubagumya Vianney
  7. Akimana Virginie
  8. Bugingo Sabiti
  9. Dusabiyaremye Diogene
  10. Gasasira Godfrey
  11. Gusasira Emmanuel
  12. Hategekimana Uzziel
  13. Kabayiza Eric
  14. Kabagambe Innocent Walter
  15. Kyakwera Catherine
  16. Mbabazi Judith
  17. Mugwaneza Olivier
  18. Mukulu Antonny Nshimye
  19. Nambajimana Djamali
  20. Ndahimana Jerome
  21. Ruhamya Paul
  22. Rusimbi John
  23. Twahirwa Alexander
  24. Umulisa Denyse
  25. Umurungi Florence
  26. Umutoni Diane

Master of Science Degree in International Trade Policy and Trade Law

  1. James Chawarika
  2. David Chigunde
  3. Maimuna Jaiteh
  4. Timothy Kalembo
  5. James Kissa
  6. Justine Luwedde
  7. Stein Masunda
  8. Grace Mbaruku
  9. Geofrey Metili
  10. Dorothy Nakyambadde
  11. John Ngasi
  12. Jean Claude Ntibaneneje
  13. Elizabeth Saul
  14. Lilian Tita

MSc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law

Arusha Class, Anglophone Cohort

  1. Agbahoungba Lesfran
  2. Banda Aaron
  3. Chihaka Sendra
  4. Cassim Daud
  5. Ewelukwa Uche
  6. Fallah Johnnie
  7. Freeman Clarence Popoh
  8. Gamandze Yvonne
  9. Haile Teshome
  10. Kajura Opiyo
  11. Mahase Tebello
  12. Mhanda Munyaradzi
  13. Mkandawire Sangwani
  14. Muthengi Jeff
  15. Mwage Chimwemwe
  16. Mucheri Tapiwa
  17. Mughogho Andrew
  18. Nzuve Charity Mumo
  19. Omoro Daniel Achach
  20. Saiewane Alphonso
  21. Samboko Mecha
  22. Sikamikami Memory
  23. Soko Amon
  24. Ssebudde Baker

Arusha Class, Francophone Class

  1. Akpaki Anike
  2. Djebou Jacques
  3. Konate Youssouf
  4. Okah Francios
  5. Tapsoba Anatole
  6. Tonduangu Gilbert
  1. Asiimwe Susan
  2. Dusabiyaremye Diogene
  3. Gasasira Godfrey
  4. Gusasira Emmanuel
  5. Hategekimana Uzziel
  6. Kabagambe Innocent
  7. Kabayiza Eric
  8. Kagwera Edith
  9. Mbabazi Judith
  10. Mugwaneza Olivier
  11. Mukulu Antonny Nshimye
  12. Munyangabe Pascal
  13. Nambajimana             Djamali
  14. Ndahimana Jerome
  15. Rwakiseta Herbert
  16. Rutabingwa Athanase
  17. Sabiti Bugingo
  18. Songa Gashabizi Alain
  19. Twahirwa Alexander
  20. Umulisa Denyse
  21. Umurungi Florence
  22. Umutoni Diane

Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in International Trade Policy & Trade Law

Arusha Class, Anglophone Class

  1. Ally Joachim
  2. Bakora Arnold
  3. Banda Eleanor
  4. Banda Farayi Melody
  5. Banda Miriam
  6. Chawarika Admire
  7. Chiunjira Kissinger
  8. Dagnachew Bethelhem Gebre
  9. Dlamini Nkosingiphile
  10. Gebreegziabher Mantegbosh
  11. Gebru Birhane
  12. Hajara Sengoma
  13. Kadiwa Jacqueline
  14. Kalikiti Mathews
  15. Kato Brian
  16. Lungu Winstone
  17. Mabaso Khotso
  18. Makumbe Shylet
  19. Makunde Tarisai
  20. Manchishi Shimukunku
  21. Matenalapi Mohale
  22. Mlenga Robert
  23. Motsi Yvonne
  24. Mssumi Bibie
  25. Mulosa Clara Nyamukwasha
  26. Mutebi Edrine
  27. Mwera Rose
  28. Ngasa Jacquiline
  29. Ntuli Amanda Zama
  30. Omar Aiman Sheikh
  31. Rakoloi Teboho
  32. Sesay Lathiff

Arusha Class, Francophone Class

  1. Adama Traore Sy
  2. Ajila Moutiyou Sadikou
  3. Akomedi Idohou Raoul
  4. Bayala Gnadewun Valéry Marie
  5. Boukary Aboubakr Gambo
  6. Chaibou Jariri Issoufou
  7. Dembele Maman
  8. Diop Amadou
  9. Djenepo Maman
  10. Kamariza Marie Jeanne
  11. Kanda Bannie
  12. Kemba Didah Alain
  13. Kokou Dzifa Adzima
  14. Kobe Gaoussou
  15. Korogo Yacouba
  16. Manomi Ibrahim Alha
  17. Ngabirano Roger
  18. Nkurunziza Frederic
  19. Nyandwi André
  20. Sabin Nendobe
  21. Sadi Hassane
  22. Oumarou Moussa Habiboulaye Cisse

Rwanda Class

  1. Rutabingwa Athanase
  2. Ugirimpuhwe Fidele

Best Student Awards

MSc, Arusha Class- Anglophone

Ssebude                     Baker

MSc, Arusha Class- Francophone

Okah              Francios

MSc, Rwanda Class

Mugwaneza Olivier 

Post Graduate Diploma Advanced- Anglophone

Makunde                   Shylet

Post Graduate Diploma Advanced- Francophone

Sadi                Hassane