Trade Policy Forums

Overview of TRAPCA’s Trade Policy Forum

The trade policy forum is one channel through which TRAPCA brands its image and build networks among trade intellectuals globally. Scientific papers on critical and topical issues in trade and trade policy are presented and discussed. The underlying objective of the discussions is to generate input into the development of a trade publication with a bias on topical issues concerning low-income countries and LDCs.

The focus of the forum presentations centres on scientific papers on trade and trade related topical issues that are relevant for low-income countries and LDCs current realities. The papers are ultimately published in the TRAPCA Trade Policy Journal. Coverage is broad encompassing areas of relevance for TRAPCA’s training programmes. The topical issues include: Rules of origin and trade negotiations; Aid for Trade; Trade Facilitation in LDCs; FDI and Spillover effects: Theory and Evidence; Trade Analysis and data challenges in LDCs; Firm response and competition: Theoretical links and evidence.

The forum provides an avenue through which researchers can make a contribution of scientific papers that can be constituted for a regular publication.  The trade publication is disseminated to participants and other interested readers through TRAPCA website and hard copy distributions during sessions. Through the constitution of a regular forum that attracts scientific papers in trade and trade related issues, TRAPCA is able to build a very good network of trade experts that is critical for the overall credibility and sustainability of the training programmes.

Trade Policy Forum Programmes