Logistics and Supply Chain Finance

Statement of need

African exporters have over the years assumed a limited role in international trade and global supply chains. Related to this, the level of intra-Africa trade remains undesirably low despite the growing opportunities through the opening of markets including through the elimination of trade barriers. The entry into force of the AfCFTA presents an opportunity to African producers to grow their export businesses and indeed be integrated into the continental as well as regional supply chain.

This course aims at providing participants with skills in key aspects of Supply Chain Finance which is potentially critical to facilitating African Exporters to grow their share in global and intra African trade.

Course objectives

  • Understand the core concepts and principles of trade finance.
  • Understand the need for and use of Supply Chain Finance
  • Develop an understanding of the role of trade finance in managing risk and facilitating international trade.
  • Understand the practicalities of the implementation of Supply Chain Finance
  • Understand alternative financing and innovation in Supply Chain Finance. 


  • Carriage of goods and the supply chain
  • Shipping and transportation contracts and their utility in supply chain financing.
  • International Trade and Supply Chain Relationship.
  • Key instruments used in trade finance and their utility in supply chain financing.
  • Financing the supply chain and benefits of global supply chain financing
  • Structuring Supply Chain Finance solutions
  • Challenges in supply chain financing
  • Trends and developments in trade finance: impact of technology and digitisation


This includes Private Sector Practitioners (inclusive of those from SMEs) involved in the buying and selling of goods; Professionals working in Trade, Export, and Commodity Finance; Import & Export Officers & Managers, Trade Finance Services Officers and Managers; Captains of Business Organisations; Trade Finance and Marketing Professionals.

1 Week

b) Venue 1: Online
Date: 11 – 15 Nov 2024
b) Venue 2: Dubai
Date: 7 – 11 Oct 2024

c) Venue 3: Dar es Salaam
Date: 11 – 15 Nov 2024

Course Fees



    Self EmployedEmployedNot Employed

    Puplic/ParastatalPrivateRegional/Civic organisationsAcademic Institution

    OnlineDubaiDar es Salaam