Lund University Track


The quality of ESAMI-trapca’s academic training is unrivalled in Africa and it is renowned for being of international standard. The Centre has partnered with a renowned, high-ranking and internationally recognised institution, Lund University of Sweden as its academic partner. Under this partnership, ESAMI-trapca is the only African institution offering training on international trade policy, trade law and trade facilitation and is accredited by a top-notch European University. In addition, the centre’s programmes are delivered by high-quality global faculty members and the curriculum is regularly reviewed and endorsed by an Advisory Council constituted of internationally acclaimed experts and academics. The Academic Courses are offered in both English and French Language and are accredited by Lund University (Sweden). The successful completion of five courses inclusive of core courses leads to an award of a Post-Graduate Diploma issued by ESAMI-trapca in conjunction with Lund University. Individual advanced courses are offered in a two-week onsite interface. Moreover, the successful completion of 10 courses and a thesis leads to an award of Master of Science Degree in International Trade Policy and Trade Law issued by Lund University.

  • The list of all level 500 courses available in the form of Independent Advanced Level Courses is published at the beginning of each year in the academic calendar available on ESAMI-trapca’s website. The list of advanced courses includes:

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Pre-requisite Course(TRP400)

Advanced Course(TRP500)

Trade and Gender(TRP311)