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TRP 400 MSc Pre-requisite
Trade Policy and Trade Law
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The year 2022 marks the third year of the implementation of TRAPCA’s 2020–2024 Business Plan and Strategy.  As you are aware, the year coincides with the Covid-19 pandemic and associated ramifications. We belief this presents both challenges and opportunities. With a concerted effort we will all triumph. On behalf of TRAPCA, I am happy to report that we are on course to enhance the capacity of trade-related institutions through well trained trade experts thanks to the support of Sida, ESAMI and Lund University. It is heart-warming to note the presence of our alumni in strategic positions of decision making in ministries of trade, foreign affairs, trade-related agencies, Regional Economic Communities, think-tanks and international organisations.

Riding on our unique MSc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law and the flexibility to benefit from learning outcomes generated at three important levels: pre-requisite, pre-MSc and MSc levels, complemented with executive courses and research, TRAPCA provides the best product range to sharpen your trade expertise. We belief   TRAPCA is uniquely well positioned to play a very useful role in building the analytical capacity of national negotiating teams and implementing officers to promote improved trade integration of sub-Sahara African countries at regional, continental and multilateral levels.  On behalf of TRAPCA, I welcome you all to make use of and benefit from our various offerings and products as we strengthen the capacity of African institutions to harness the opportunities from international trade at bilateral, regional, continental and multilateral levels.

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