Somalia Gears Up for Global Trade Integration with ESAMI-trapca’s WTO Training Program

ESAMI-trapca is taking a pivotal step in empowering Somalia’s journey towards World Trade Organization (WTO) membership by spearheading a comprehensive training program on trade and trade-related issues. This initiative, supported by the Enhanced Integrated Framework Trust Fund (EIF), through the World Bank, aims to equip Somali government officials with the expertise and skills necessary to navigate the WTO accession process and effectively integrate into the global trading landscape.

The training program will delve into the intricacies of trade policies, trade law, and trade facilitation, providing participants with a thorough understanding of the WTO‘s rules and procedures. By strengthening institutional capacity and identifying potential constraints to Somalia’s trade integration, this program will pave the way for accelerated WTO accession, regional integration, and a more diversified and competitive export base. The empowering program is meant to support Somalia to take its rightful place in the global trading arena!