Empowering Malawi: Executive course on AfCFTA Digital Trade Protocol and WTO E-commerce Negotiation Skills

At ESAMI-trapca, we are passionate about empowering trade professionals with the sustainable and applied skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the global value and supply chains. This week, we had the privilege of capacitating Malawi with skills to effectively implement the AFCFTA Digital Trade Protocol and negotiate its Annexes, as well as participate in the WTO Joint Initiative on E-commerce. Through this tailored course on “AFCFTA Digital Trade Protocol and WTO E-commerce Negotiation Skills”, we aimed to equip Malawi’s multi-sectorial negotiators with the expertise needed to actively represent their country’s interest in negotiating annexes to the AfCFTA Digital Trade Protocol, to actively participate in discussions on E-commerce at bilateral, region and multilateral levels, as well as engage in negotiations under the WTO Joint Statement Initiative on E-commerce, thereby effectively enabling the implementation of obligations from the trade agreements and facilitating trade.