Welcoming the Future Trade Experts to the ESAMI-trapca TRP400 – MSc Pre-requisite Course June Cohort

We were thrilled to welcome our new cohort of aspiring trade experts to the online TRP400 – MSc Pre-requisite Trade Policy and Trade Law course at ESAMI-trapca. This intensive program marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the intricate world of International Trade. The TRP400 course is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in trade policy and trade law, crucial for anyone looking to excel in the field. Over the next six (6) weeks, the participants will cover three essential modules: International Trade Law and Development, International Trade Policy and Development, and Quantitative Trade Policy Analysis. This provides a well-rounded understanding of the key foundation concepts and principles in international trade. The TRP 400 serves as a prerequisite for ESAMI-trapca‘s advanced academic courses leading to a Postgraduate Diploma or Master of Science Degree in International Trade Policy and Trade Law (MSc).

The ESAMI-trapca courses are facilitated by resident experts and a pool of global faculty comprised of leading academics, experts and practitioners in trade policy and law, offering participants unparalleled insights and practical knowledge. These distinguished experts have been drawn from leading universities and development organisations, including UNCTADWTOWCOAfCFTAWIPO, World Bank and other key trade-related development partners. Their diverse experiences and deep expertise ensure that our participants receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education in the complexities of international trade.

At ESAMI-trapca, we have a footprint across the region in producing competent trade experts who are shaping and influencing the trade agenda in their countries, the region, and beyond. Their journey with us marks not only the beginning of their personal and professional growth but also signifies another step forward in advancing Africa’s position in the global trade landscape. The program attracts participants from various backgrounds, with most being from public sector trade-related ministries and departments as well as RECs, civic society, and the private sectors, fostering a rich learning environment and facilitating networking with potential colleagues and collaborators. The new anglophone cohort has over 100 admitted students from 21 African countries, 16 of which are LDCs.