ESAMI-trapca commemorates the International MSMEs Day

As we celebrate International MSMEs Day 2024, ESAMI-trapca proudly acknowledges the pivotal role Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) play in the global economy, especially in Africa. MSMEs are the backbone of the continent’s economic landscape, believed to represent over 90% of businesses, contributing more than 50% to GDP, and accounting for approximately 63% of employment in low-income countries. They also contribute to the transformation, driving innovation, employment, and sustainable development. In the intricate web of global value chains, MSMEs are indispensable. They foster activities crucial for economic diversification and resilience. However, their potential remains underutilised due to challenges in accessing international markets and navigating complex trade policies. Our capacity-building programs at ESAMI-trapca are designed to address the unique needs of MSMEs. We have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of equipping MSMEs with the knowledge and skills required to navigate and benefit from international trade policies. By strengthening their capabilities, we enable them to advocate for inclusive trade policies that reflect their realities and streamline their operations.

Governmental and intergovernmental organisations create policies, but they do not trade. This disconnect often leads to policies that do not fully consider the operational realities of MSMEs, resulting in resistance and underutilisation of the envisioned trade benefits. We advocate for inclusive policy-making processes where the voices of MSMEs are heard and their challenges addressed. On this International MSMEs Day, we celebrate the resilience, contribution and innovation of SMEs across Africa and beyond. We are proud of the strides we have made to empower these enterprises through our tailored training programs. However, there is still much to be done. We call upon all stakeholders to continue supporting and investing in MSMEs, recognising them as key drivers of sustainable economic growth, inclusivity, and poverty eradication.

Together, we can create an enabling environment where MSMEs thrive, contribute to sustainable development, and fully exploit the benefits of international trade policies. To learn more about our capacity-building programs and how you can support MSMEs, visit our website or contact us directly Together, let’s build a future where MSMEs are at the forefront of global economic transformation