ESAMI-trapca Prospective Graduates Showcase Research Expertise in Master’s Thesis Defense

ESAMI-trapca is proud to present its prospective graduates from across Africa as they defend their master’s theses in International Trade Policy and Trade Law. The thesis defense is a culmination of a rigorous academic journey that has prepared these individuals to make significant contributions to the field of international trade.

The defence seminar is being facilitated by Professor Hans, the ESAMI-trapca academic director from Lund University, our academic partner. Students are presenting their research findings to a panel of esteemed experts and fellow students. The presentations highlight the diverse range of topics being explored, encompassing issues such as the impact of trade agreements on regional integration, the role of trade policy in promoting sustainable development, and the challenges of regulating trade in the digital era.

“Our students have demonstrated a remarkable level of understanding of complex trade issues and have produced high-quality research that will contribute to the ongoing debate on international trade policy,” remarked Dr Caiphas Chekwoti, Head of Centre at ESAMI-trapca.

The ESAMI-trapca MSc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law is a highly regarded program that has been training future trade experts for over a decade and a half. The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and theories of international trade and the practical skills needed to analyse and formulate trade policy.

ESAMI-trapca is committed to providing its students with the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders in shaping the future of trade in Africa and beyond.