TRAPCA and UNCTAD holds a joint side event at the African Union TF Week

On 28 November 2018, trapca in partnership with UNCTAD held a side event under the theme: ‘Unleashing Africa’s economic integration potential: The case of Trade Facilitation-led Reforms and capacity building under the AfCFTA’. The side event was graced by the following eminent panelist: focused on the following:  H.E. Erastus Mwencha, Former Deputy Chairperson of the African Union and trapca board member; Ms. Ms. Brenda Mundia, WCO Deputy Director for Capacity Building; Mr. Peter Kiuluku, Executive Director trapca and Dr Joy Kategekwa, Head of Africa Office, UNCTAD Addis and Ms. Dorothy Tembo, Deputy Executive Secretary of ITC. The session underscored the reality that no amount of investments or international treatise can result in positive outcomes in the absence requisite implementation capacities. It was noted that while capacity building appears to be underrated, it is on the contrary the insurance policy for beneficial implementation to Trade Facilitation measures. The session importantly stressed that the cross-sectoral nature of trade facilitation measures and their multi-disciplinary scope of coverage require that the extent of provision of capacity building towards TF measures must be cascaded to the lowest level of capacity needs. This should transcend customs to other line ministries as well as the private sector.

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