ESAMI-trapca Head of Centre Speaks at the ongoing WTO Chairs Conference in Geneva.

Our Head of Centre Dr Caiphas Chekwoti, who doubles up as the WTO Chair in Tanzania spoke on the Investment facilitation aspects of the AfCFTA Protocol on investment, synergies with the #IFD Agreement, including implementation and technical-assistance and capacity-building support needs at the ongoing WTO Chairs conference in Geneva. See below what he said.

“Logistics in terms of requisite infrastructure and cost is now one of the key binding constraints to realizing the AfCFTA anticipated outcomes as a game changer for Africa. To illustrate, the most direct distance by road between Nairobi, Kenya and Accra, Ghana is aprox. 6,000kms and yet actual distance covered by a commodity from Nairobi to Accra is over 25,000kms and takes about 4 months!!! This is where investment facilitation takes center stage to incentivize critical investment towards critical logistical infrastructure in the continent. Today I had the opportunity to share this perspective at the ongoing WTO Chairs conference in Geneva.”