DG of Somalia Ministry of Commerce and Industry graces ESAMI course closing ceremony

Director General of Somalia Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), Mohamed Saney Dalmar, was honoured for attending the ESAMI course closure and certificate awarding ceremony. The ceremony celebrated the successful completion of a training program focused on trade and trade-related issues, specifically designed to facilitate Somalia’s accession process to the World Trade Organization (WTO). ESAMI’s Trade Policy Training Centre (ESAMI-trapca) collaborated with the Enhanced Integrated Framework through the World Bank to conduct this training.

Joining the Somalia MoIC DG at the ceremony was Ahmed Warsam, the Ministry’s Director of Trade and Marketing, who is not only an esteemed member of the Ministry but also an accomplished alumnus of ESAMI-trapca. The presence of the MoCI’s DG was highly valued by Assoc. Professor Martin Lwanga, the Director General of ESAMI, who praised Somalia for their commitment to capacity building, exemplified by the presence of their DG and for entrusting the Capacity Building to ESAMI.

During his speech, Honourable Mohamed Saney Dalmar expressed high satisfaction with the quality of capacity building offered by ESAMI, particularly through the ESAMI-trapca trade-related programs. He emphasized the positive impact these initiatives have had on Somalia’s regional integration efforts, as well as their journey towards WTO accession and the consequential opportunities for economic growth through international trade. Moreover, he highlighted the significant role these training programs played in Somalia’s successful membership in the East African Community (EAC).

Looking ahead, the MoCI’s DG expressed his eagerness to continue collaborating with ESAMI and expressed a desire for further training programs in the future. Following the ceremony, the Director Generals and their respective teams held a meeting to discuss potential areas of future cooperation and collaboration, signalling their dedication to strengthening their partnership further.