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Meet Tsotetsi Makong, Trade Facilitation Expert, Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa. Previously he was counsellor at the Lesotho Mission in Geneva and chair of WTO Committees on Trade Related Investment Measures and Import Licensing, Coordinator and Chief negotiator of G77 and China Geneva Chapter, expert level Coordinator and Chief Negotiator of the African Group on WTO issues and lead negotiator of the ACP group on trade and environment and for...
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Investor-State dispute settlement and developing countries Martha Getachew Bekele The inclusion of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in international investment agreements may end up undermining public welfare, particularly in developing countries. From ‘regulatory chill’ to huge legal fees, ISDS shrinks the regulatory space of developing countries unless negotiators consider a range of options. This short piece presents the good, the bad and alternatives to the traditional ISDS model.   Read...
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Zambia Association of Manufacturers – ZAM has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Florence Muleya to take over over from Chipego Zulu who is currently the Associations Vice President (South). Muleya previously worked as a Researcher and Manager at the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR), an institution committed to working towards sound economic policies. Her roles at ZIPAR included providing evidence-based solutions for public policy influence...
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Introduction In a world characterized by unprecedented upheavals, current as well as potential pandemics, climate change crisis, attempts to rewrite the principles on which the international economic relations are premised, the role of trade as a cornerstone of economic self-determination of the African people in the African continent and diaspora cannot be overemphasized. As the world tithers towards being a melting pot of crisis after crisis, the ramifications on trade,...
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The Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (TRAPCA) is a Centre within the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI), which is an intergovernmental institute that is ISO certified and recognized by UNECA as a Centre of Excellence.

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