Empowering Economic Diplomacy: Launch of Commercial and Economic Diplomacy Training in South Sudan

The official inauguration of the Commercial and Economic Diplomacy Training for the Republic of South Sudan took place on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, in Juba. The training, scheduled to run until September 1, 2023, stands as a collaborative effort involving the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Republic of South Sudan, the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the ESAMI-Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (ESAMI-trapca). This comprehensive program is strategically designed to enhance the capacities of senior officials within the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Commercial and economic diplomacy is instrumental in advancing international trade, fostering economic prosperity, and addressing the multifaceted challenges that nations encounter across the globe. It is characterized by the establishment of robust relationships, skillful negotiation of agreements, and the facilitation of avenues for trade and investment. Commercial diplomacy entails the promotion of national industries and enterprises on foreign soil, attracting foreign investments, and advocating for favorable trade policies. On the other hand, economic diplomacy concentrates on fostering economic collaboration, ensuring market access, and effectively resolving trade disputes.

During the inaugural ceremony, the formidable representation of ESAMI-trapca was embodied by Dr. Caiphas Chekwoti, our esteemed Head of Centre. Dr. Chekwoti underscored the pivotal role of international trade in mitigating challenges faced by the Republic of South Sudan and other developing African nations. The overarching objective revolves around nurturing competitive tradable commodities through strategic and focused investments aimed at fostering capacities. This accentuates the significance of economic diplomacy in forging essential partnerships and agreements that expedite critical investments and guarantee unobstructed market entry for these tradable goods.

Heartfelt recognition and appreciation are extended to EIF and UNDP for the seamless collaboration that brought this program to fruition. Special commendations are reserved for Mr. Titus Osundina, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Hon. Simon Nyang Anei, Technical Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Mary Akech, First Undersecretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Mr. Augustine Kenyi, Director of External Trade at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, for their eminent presence and invaluable contributions to the official launch of this transformative training initiative. Gratitude is also extended to Mr. Samson Awinoh, alongside the diligent staff members from UNDP and ESAMI-trapca, for their unwavering dedication in laying the groundwork that paved the way for the triumphant success of this endeavor.