Trade has proved a critical part of the solution for economic recovery, poverty reduction and the sustainability conundrum. It is in this regard, that it gives us so much pride to see our Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa- Trapca alumni at the heart of the national, regional, continental and multilateral trade agenda facilitating countries to harness opportunities from #internationaltrade arrangements. Empowered with #trade expertise, competence, and determination, our alumni are making trade part of the solution by shaping regional, continental and Multilateral outcomes.
Today, we feature Alphonso Jeromas Saiewane, our 2018 alumnus from Liberia, currently working for Liberian Revenue Authority as a Technical Focal Point for the Commissioner of Customs, within the Department of Customs. Find out more from the attached poster.

Did you know that the journey of becoming a trade expert is very simple, courtesy of Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa- Trapca?

All you need to do is to apply using the link below:
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