The training offering at ESAMI-trapca has grown to include three key focus facets of international trade: International Trade Policy, International Trade Law and International Trade Facilitation. The training courses cover academic and competency-based training designed to equip participants with analytical skills. In addition to the academic courses, ESAMI-trapca provides tailor-made executive training designed to enhance specific skills of more senior officials from the public, private and civil society.

ESAMI-trapca Academic Courses


The Academic Courses in ESAMI-trapca focus on the following three key important areas of international trade: International Trade Policy, International Trade Law and International Trade Facilitation. The ESAMI-trapca Academic Courses that are offered in both English and French Language, firstly lead to an award of a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Trade Policy and Trade Law, Advanced Level (PGDA) and finally to a prestigious, one of the kind, Master of Science Degree  in  International  Trade Policy and Trade  Law (MSc), that is accredited by Lund University of Sweden.

The Path to attainment of the Academic Awards. 

  1. Minimum Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted into the ESAMI-trapca academic programmes, at the minimum the applicant must:

  • Hold a first degree in Economics, Law, Social Sciences or any other relevant field from a recognised university or academic institution;
  • Before admission into Advanced programmes students must first enroll and pass pre-requisite courses (see overview below on pre-requisite courses);
  • Show high motivation to pursue a career in international trade albeit subject to requisite consideration or have work experience from a trade or development-related area in government, the wider public sector, private sector or non- governmental/civil society organization;
  • Have a proven command of the language (either English or French) in which the programme or course is advertised and offered. 
  1. ESAMI-trapca Academic Courses

In fulfillment of its mandate in the area of trade policy, and to facilitate successful completion of participants in its specialized multidisciplinary advanced academic courses, ESAMI-trapca requires the participants to first successfully complete it TRP 400 Pre-Requisite Courses and then get admitted into the advanced academic courses that lead to the prestigious awards of PGDA and MSc highlighted above.

ESAMI-Trapca Pre-Requisite Course

ESAMI-Trapca Advanced Courses: Level 500

Trade And Gender (ESAMI-Trapca Specialized E-Learning Course)