Master of International Trade Policy and Trade Law

The Master of International Trade Policy and Trade Law Degree is achieved by taking 10 Advanced courses and a masters thesis. In total, the Master’s programme consists of 180 credits of which 80 are taken in the form of coursework and a thesis amounting to 20 credits. For the Master’s degree to be awarded, the programme must be completed within five years.

Programme modules

  1. Economic Foundations of Trade and Trade Policy
  2. Tools for Quantitative Trade Policy Analysis
  3. Legal Foundations of Trade and Trade Policy
  4. Economic and Legal Aspects of Trade in Services
  5. Intellectual Property Policy and Law
  6. Competition Policy and Law
  7. Regional Economic Integration and Trade Facilitation
  8. Drafting and Interpretation of International Trade Agreements and Instruments
  9. International Trade Negotiations
  10. Sectoral Policies in International Trade
  11. International Standards and Technical Regulations in International Trade (Optional)
  12. Trade Remedies and International Trade (Optional)

N/B: Modules 11 and 12 are optional replacements for 6 and 10

Minimum admission requirements for the Master’s Programme

Applicants eligible for admission must:

  • Hold a first degree in Economics, Law, Social Sciences or any other relevant field from a recognised university or academic institution;
  • Show high motivation to pursue a career in international trade albeit subject to requisite consideration or have work experience from a trade or development-related area in government, the wider public sector, private sector or non-governmental/civil society organization;
  • Have a good command of the English language. Where English was not the medium of instruction language during the applicant’s first degree, there must be evidence of good knowledge of English demonstrated through appropriate passes in internationally recognised English language proficiency qualifications.
  • Have either completed the ESAMI-trapca e-learning pre-requisite course or a relevant equivalent from other institutions. Applicants with proven experience in Trade will be exempted from the pre-requisite course but are encouraged to through the elarning pre-requisitew course.

Thesis Writing

  • To be allocated a supervisor, the student must be admitted into the Master’s programme. Before applying for a supervisor allocation, the candidate is strongly recommended to consider formulating a suitable thesis proposal and also plan for the thesis. The student may write the thesis as he/she enrols for the last four Advanced courses, to make a total of ten courses and a thesis to qualify for the award of Master’s degree in International Trade Policy and Trade Law. The requirements for the thesis include;
    • The thesis shall be approximately 15,000 words in length.
    • The grading scale for the thesis is the same as for the taught courses. The thesis proposal as well as the oral defence must meet certain criteria.
    • A student who fails to pass will be allowed to re-write and re-submit the thesis a maximum of two times.
    • A pass after a re-submission of the thesis shall be recorded as an E in the academic transcript.

Accreditation and Certification

Fees and Venue

  • Blended/Global online and physical in country at venues in regional offices below;
    February 2024
  • Fees – $6,000 + Thesis $1,000

Class Times

The classes start at 5:00pm to 10:00pm, Monday to Friday
Please also note that lectures run for three weeks consecutively and then break off for two months.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form on this page. As you apply make sure you have gathered together a copy of your first degree, its results transcripts, at least one recommendation letter, passport size photo, and current CV and turned them into PDF to be uploaded on the application tab as a single file. 

Why Study at ESAMI-trapca

ESAMI-trapca is the only institution in Africa if not global, that offers academic program on international trade for the exclusive benefit of both English Speaking and French Speaking Sub-Saharan African LDCs and low-income countries, benefiting women as well as men. The quality of ESAMI-trapca’s training is unrivaled in Africa and it is renowned for being of international standard. In addition, ESAMI-trapca’s programmes are delivered by high the quality Global Faculty Members. Further, as elaborated by feedback under the Tracer Studies and Alumni section, ESAMI-trapca’s tangible results as well as impact on both the alumni and their institution is very positive. Majority of ESAMI-trapca alumni have and are excelling as trade negotiators for their respective governments, senior officials in Regional Economic Communities across Africa as well as Multilateral Institutions, Research Fellows; and leaders in African Business Councils’, just to name a few. 

For more information, contact us through our regional offices;

Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (ESAMI-trapca) ESAMI Hill, ESAMI Road
P.O. Box 3030, Arusha, Tanzania
+255 2722970077/737063640
+255 27 297 0065/8/9
+255 27 2970066
Website: www.ESAMI-trapca .org
ESAMI Headquarters PO Box 3030 ARUSHA, TANZANIA
Tel: +255 27 297 00 65/8/9
+255 27 297 00 70/1/2/3
Fax: +255 27 297 00 66
Email:  Website:
Country Coordinator ESAMI
NIC Investment House 3rd Floor PO  Box   22290 DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA
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Country Coordinator ESAMI
ESAMI Centre Plot 52 Bombo Road PO Box 824 KAMPALA, UGANDA
Tel: +256 41 4254 222, +256 41 434 3397 Fax: +256 41 4232 168
Coutry Coordinator ESAMI
International House 4th Floor Mama Ngina Street PO Box 56628-00200 NAIROBI,
Tel: +254 20 224 1770, +254 20 222 8233 Telefax: +254 20 224 8814
Email: /
Country Coordinator ESAMI
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Country Coordinator ESAMI
Development House 1st Floor City Centre PO Box 31127 LILONGWE 3, MALAWI
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+ 265 1 775 385
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Country Coordinator ESAMI
No. 6 Bantry Road, Alexandra Park, PO Box 2627
Tel: +263 4 292 6672/3
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Telefax: +263 4 745607.
Country Coordinator ESAMI
Avenida Julius Nyerere No. 657  2  andar PO Box 2077 MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE  Tel: +258 21 487 375
Telefax: +258 21 487 375
Country Coordinator ESAMI
Lilunga House 3rd Floor Somhololo Road PO Box 4234 MBABANE, ESWATINI  Tel: +268 40 48 494
Telefax: +268 40 48 495 Email:
Country Coordinator ESAMI
Corner Nelson Mandela/ Sam Najoma Drive Hidas Centre
1st Floor PO Box 1836 WINDHOEK, 9000, NAMIBIA
Tel: +264 61 236 965/6 Telefax: +264 61 249 822
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MAHE SEYCHELLES Tel: +248 443 2241 Fax: +248 443 2422


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