Trade Finance Capacity Building

In a bid to heed the resolve of African leaders as obtained in African Union’s Boosting Intra Africa Trade (BIAT) program and indeed the call of LDCs and other African countries in the UN forums as well as at REC level for interventions in the area of trade finance, trapca has ventured to consider introduction of a training program on Trade Finance. While there is no doubt there are no shortage of initiatives and policies seeking to liberalise African market space, there is nonetheless a perpetual concern that the level of cross border trade runs far behind market opportunities availed by liberalization schemes in and outside of Africa. The question of productive capacity continues to be a perpetual concern despite commendable progress being made in liberalization of markets. Graduation of African LDCs to developing countries’ status as a result of regional economic integration remains an elusive target.

As part of the continental process to turn the economic growth tide in favor of African countries trapca is keenly seeking to complement economic integration processes and achievements through trade finance interventions. This an urgent need given the plight of the business entities when it comes to accessibility and availability of financial instruments that can facilitate trade transactions within and outside the continent. This is important given that dismantling of policy and regulatory barriers will not amount to real economic integration in the absence conducive trade finance environment. This is a great challenge given that a narrow set of trade finance instruments dominates trade finance market in Africa. This is compounded by a meager number of financial service providers that facilitate trade finance transactions and solutions. This result in expensive transactions for the private sector and hampers overall success of regional integration efforts. One of the key contributing factors is wide spread lack of capacity among financial institutions and service providers as well as in the public sector.

To date no African academic institutions provides a comprehensive and quality trade finance capacity building interventions. In view of clear gaps in this area and in a bid to bring into reality actual economic integration of African countries, trapca is set to introduce in its course offerings, its recently accredited masters in trade finance as well as foundational online(e-learning) courses in trade finance during the course of the year 2019. Additional information on the e-learning course and the master’s degree programme in International Trade Finance as well as the application process can be accessed by emailing us through

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