Trade Facilitation Capacity Building

Under the auspices of its trade facilitation training facility, trapca offers a number of training programs in the area of trade facilitation. These include executive courses, tailor made courses and academic programs as detailed below:

Trade Facilitation Tailor Made Executive Courses

trapca offers tailor-made courses on TF to address the express needs of the target beneficiaries. These courses are highly impactful. They take various approaches, amongst others, training of trainers approach. The tailor-made courses may also target specific sectoral issues or address specific challenges identified by training beneficiaries. Moreover, the tailor-made courses are innovative in their approach. They take into account the global architecture of policies, standards and rules on trade facilitation. They further focus on regional regimes on trade facilitation and their confluence with the broader trade regime as well as domestic realities of specific countries. These programs are offered on request basis.

Executive Certificate Course in Trade Facilitation (onsite /online)

This is a 6 weeks long course that provides foundational knowledge and introductory concepts to trade policy, trade law and trade facilitation. It contextualizes these concepts to the international, continental and regional African setting while also taking into account country specific dimensions of trade facilitation. The course may be offered both onsite and online. It also serves as one of the prerequisite courses to admission into advanced courses that lead to an award of trapca’s renowned MSc. in Trade Policy and Trade Law. 

Academic Courses

  • Specialised Courses

Each specialized course takes two weeks and they are designed to enhance skills and knowledge of trainees in specialized trade and trade facilitation areas. These courses target specific subject matter that is key to implementation of TF measures. They take an eclectic approach by virtue of addressing sectoral dimensions of trade facilitation and being grounded in sound theoretical underpinnings of trade facilitation. The courses are also highly applied and address both private and public sector issues. These courses may be offered individually or collectively. Furthermore, they can be tailored to the specific needs of beneficiaries. trapca’s specialized courses are as follows:

  • TFT 301: International Trade Policy & Development
  • TFT 302: International Trade Law & Development
  • TFT 303: Quantitative Trade Policy Analysis
  • TFT 304: Border Agencies & Trade Facilitation
  • TFT 305: Agricultural Standards & Trade Facilitation
  • TFT 306: Investment and Trade Facilitation
  • TFT 307: Logistics & Trade Facilitation
  • Specialized Advanced Courses

Specialised advanced courses on trade facilitation are part of academic courses forming part of trapca’s courses that make up its MSc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law. These aim at enhancing analytical competences of trainees. They cover the legal, economic and sectoral dimensions of trade facilitation. They are provided in the broader context of international trade, particularly at the multilateral and regional levels. The current specialised Advanced Courses include:

  • TRP 506 Logistics and Trade Facilitation
  • TRP 507 Regional Integration and Trade Facilitation

Trade Policy, Trade Law and Trade Facilitation Training for Sub-Saharan LDCs and LIC Countries since 2006

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