Yeboah, Dickson, Ph.D,
Yeboah, Dickson, Ph.D,
Holds a PhD in Economics
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Dickson holds a PhD degree in Economics, received from the University of Western Australia in 1985. Dr. Dickson Yeboah has served in the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation of the WTO, and its predecessor the GATT, since 1991. Dickson is responsible for inter alia conducting intensive courses on trade negotiations skills in WTO member countries. He also teaches the GATT/WTO Agreements in Geneva and in the field. He is currently a Counsellor and Head of Africa Unit, Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation, the World Trade Organization. Prior to joining the GATT/WTO, Dr. Yeboah worked for UNCTAD, United Nations, and the Australian Government in the areas of trade, international

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