Tsotetsi Makong
Tsotetsi Makong
Trade Facilitation Expert
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MR. Makong holds an LLM in Technology and Intellectual Property Law from University of Liverpool and Msc in International Trade Policy and Trade Law from Lund University. He previously served as a diplomat and a trade negotiator in Geneva, on behalf of the Kingdom of Lesotho. Makong covered work under organizations such as WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, ITU and WIPO in various capacities such as chairing WTO committees, UNCTAD based G 77 and China (Geneva chapter), the WTO based African Group and technical focal point of WTO based LDCs and ACP groups. He also served in various coalition groups committees. Prior to working in Geneva he covered multiple regional trade negotiations including those under the remit of SACU, SADC, SADC-EPAs and AU. He dealt with bilateral relations between Lesotho and Swiss Confederation particularly on economic matters. He is currently providing technical support to the AU economic integration agenda including on the CFTA. Makong is also in the roster list of Arbitrators under SADC EPA and SACU MERCOSUR FTAs.”

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