Samb Falou, Ph.D
Samb Falou, Ph.D
Holds a PhD in law
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Dr Falou Samb holds a PhD in law and is trade specialist with over fifteen years of professional experience in thematic areas including: trade in services, intellectual property, trade in environment, dispute settlement and market access, as well as in negotiations techniques. He is currently a lecturer with the newly implemented Master Program on Multilateral Trade and Negotiations at Dakar University. He has been the main negotiator and Focal Point for the African Group, the least-developed country group (LDC) Group and for the ACP Group in the WTO, from 1999 to 2003. He has authored numerous articles and has co-authored or sponsored books related to trade, development, investment, and environment, and intellectual property, trade in services and on issues of systemic interest to the developing countries in the multilateral trading system.

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