Tailored Training Services

trapca provides services in a form of tailored training that seeks to solve issues arising in specific areas of concern for the benefit of recipients of the training. This training may be offered on fee-paying or on probono basis. To date, the Centre has offered training all over Africa ranging from individual countries, consortium of countries, RECs to the private sector representatives, civil society and organisations. The Center has also provided training to participants from Asia, Americas and the Middle East. The Centre’s training interventions are highly applied while at the same time enforcing conceptual rigors of leaning.  The training interventions focus on trade and trade related interventions ranging from trade policy, trade law, trade facilitation and sectoral policies and issues such as investment, competition policy, agriculture, intellectual property law and policy, regional integration etc.


Flash point of services offered by trapca amongst others include:

  • Research on Trade Facilitation for the Geneva – Based WTO LDCs Group.
  • Call down support to the Geneva Based WTO Africa Group on the WTO trade negotiations.
  • Research for the EAC countries on the EU-EAC economic partnership agreements.
  • Research for the African Union on AfCFTA dispute settlement mechanism.
  • Research for DFID (under the patronage of SAIIA) on WTO plurilateral agreements.
  • Research for South Sudan on its accession to the East African Communities.
  • Training course on dispute settlement for the African Caribbean Group of states (ACP).
  • International Trade Policy and Trade Law.
  • Training for Negotiators of the TRIPARTITE Free Trade Area (TFTA).
  • Training of East and Southern African countries and West and Central African Countries on trade, agriculture and nutrition etc.
  • Training of Trade Facilitation practitioners and policy makers.
  • Economic Diplomacy Training for African Ambassadors Stationed in Tanzania.
  • Training on the interface between Climate Change, Agriculture and Trade for EAC Climate Change Negotiators.

Trade Policy, Trade Law and Trade Facilitation Training for Sub-Saharan LDCs and LIC Countries since 2006

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