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trapca provides cutting-edge and world class research on consultancy basis as well as under the tradelab mechanism. The Centre has over 100 faculty members with expertise in various trade and trade related fields. These faculty members include practitioners and academicians working for international organisations, higher learning institutions, researchers, policy makers, private sector experts, arbitrators, judges and many other distinguished professionals and experts on trade issues. These professionals are at the disposal of trapca to carry out research and further join trapca in trade and trade related bid projects. In addition, trapca carries out research through partnerships with entities that represent a natural fit with the work of the Centre. Joint bids are pursued with such entities. Rich research carried out by trapca students has been turned into a reservoir of knowledge from which governments, private entities, academics and students and civil societies can access. This research spans a period a little over a decade. In general, research conducted by the Centre has covered a number of areas such as issues relating to African continental economic integration under the AfCFTA and RECs, issues pertaining to African regional economic communities including on the EPAs, African and LDCs issues in the context of the WTO’s multilateral trading system and country of sector specific issues.

Trade Policy, Trade Law and Trade Facilitation Training for Sub-Saharan LDCs and LIC Countries since 2006

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