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As a highly specialised trade policy and trade law training institution, trapca aims at being a converging centre where trade personnel from LDCs and low income countries meet and share experiences on how to engage in the context of the multilateral, regional and bilateral trading systems.

trapca offers several different tailor-made courses. This includes commissioned education and jointly offered courses in collaboration with other institutions.

trapca offers accredited academic courses at the specialised, Advanced and master’s degree level.

trapca provides cutting-edge and world-class research on a consultancy basis as well as under the tradelab mechanism. The Centre has over 100 faculty members with expertise in various trade and trade-related fields.

The legal clinics and practica are composed of small groups of highly qualified and carefully selected students who work on specific legal questions posed by beneficiaries.

In a bid to heed the resolve of African leaders as obtained in African Union’s Boosting Intra Africa Trade (BIAT) program and indeed the call of LDCs and

Under the auspices of its trade facilitation training facility, trapca offers a number of training programs in the area of trade facilitation.

Trade Policy, Trade Law and Trade Facilitation Training for Sub-Saharan LDCs and LIC Countries since 2006

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