Masters Degree Programme

Master of Sciences Programme

The Master of Science Degree in International Trade Policy and Trade Law is achieved by taking all ten advanced courses and one Master thesis. In total the Master programme consists of 90 credit units of which 75 are taken in the form of course work and a thesis amounting to 15 credits. For the Master’s degree to be awarded, the programme must be completed within five years.

Minimum admission requirement to the MSc programme and Thesis Supervision
The candidate must have completed and passed at least 6 advanced level courses, including TRP 501, TRP 502 and TRP 503 from the advanced level program. Students who meet these requirements will be considered for admission. The most qualified applicants shall be prioritized. The students are expected to get at least an average mark of 60% on taken courses. Consideration for admission will be given those students expected to complete the MSc programme but have not met the above requirements.

To be allocated a supervisor, the student must be admitted into the MSc programme. Before applying for a supervisor allocation, the candidate is strongly recommended to think of and formulate a suitable thesis subject proposal and also plan for the thesis.
The certification for the Master programme is done by Lund University, the academic partner of trapca. Upon completion of all the requirements of the Master programme, a Master of Science Certificate in International Trade Policy and Trade Law is issued by Lund University.

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