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As part of its mission to build necessary capacity in international trade in Least Developed Countries, since the year 2015, trapca has teamed up with the Graduate Institute Geneva based in Geneva, Switzerland, Georgetown University based in Washington, USA and other distinguished international universities (under the banner of tradelab) to offer pro bono services in International Trade Law and International Investment Law to governments and other stakeholders who do not have the necessary resources to carry out intensive research to inform their national policies or positions in trade negotiations. This follows a realization that often, it is difficult for weaker stakeholders (poor countries, smaller trade associations or NGOs) to have their say in international trade and international investment matters. Under tradelab high quality research is conducted through legal clinics and practica. The legal clinic therefore helps in building up tailor-made legal teams that can offer high-quality legal services for free.

The legal clinics and practica are composed of small groups of highly qualified and carefully selected students who work on specific legal questions posed by beneficiaries. The students work in groups under the close supervision of one or more Professors (Academic Supervisors) and are also teamed up with experts (Mentors) from law firms, national or international organizations or academia, who lend their knowledge, time and feedback to the students, pro bono. The students are carefully prepped and supervised by the Academic Supervisors and Teaching Assistants. To date, trapca has among others conducted probono research for the African Union and East African Community Members etc. The requests for pro-bono research may be sent to the Centre for assessment and consideration.

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