Advanced Courses Pre-requisites

MSc Pre-requisites: TRP 400

1. Overview

Trapca’s Postgraduate Diploma Programmes are multidisciplinary as the courses offered enables students to cover both economics and legal aspects of international trade. Due to this, the MSc Pre-requiste courses are offered to prepare the students to cope with the courses that they will cover during the advanced level.

The Postgraduate Diplomas in Trapca are designed to promote knowledge and create competencies that give effect to Trapca’s mandate. The target audience of consists of individuals involved in trade-related activities in their capacity as officials, executives or members of relevant ministries and government agencies, parliamentary institutions, universities, business and civil society organizations in LDCs and other low income sub-Saharan countries.

2. Content

The MSc Pre-requisite Courses are offered either in English or French. The course consists of the following three modules:

  • International Trade Policy and Development;
  • International Trade Law and Development; and
  • Quantitative Trade Policy Analysis.

3. Duration

The entire MSc Pre-requisite Course is offered through the Trapca e-learning platform over six weeks duration. Each module generally takes two weeks to be completed. The training requires students to undertake weekly exercises and an end of module online test for each of the three modules. Only participants that complete all assessments including the online tests become eligible for enrollment and admission into the advanced courses that lead to the MSc Degree Award.

4. Fees

Financial support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) allows participants from eligible countries to apply for partial or full scholarship. Priority is given to qualified students from Sub-Saharan African LDCs and female participants from African Non-LDCs with the objective to obtain gender balance. In order to facilitate equitable country spread, Trapca strives to allocate at least two scholarships per each eligible Sub-Saharan Africa LDC.

The applicable fees for the academic year 2018 will be as follows:

Programme LDCs* Low income* Other Countries
MSc Pre-requisites (6 weeks) 300 600 1,200

5. How to Apply

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